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Dalhousie - Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie is a famous tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Here Devlok's fantasies seem to be emerging visually. Dalhousie is still successful in preserving his heritage as well as the natural beauty inside.

Situated on five mountains - 'Kathalong', 'Potrain', 'Tehra', 'Bakrota' and 'Ballun', this hill station is a part of the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie, Khajjiar, and Chamba, these three places have their own distinct characteristics. Dalhousie has been counted as a quiet resort since the time of the British.

Dalhousie was established in 1854 AD by Lord Dalhousie, a British Governor-General so that he could spend a quiet summer in a cool and quiet place. Dalhousie is a city situated on five hills, in an area of 13 square kilometres. Dalhousie is situated at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level.

The Dhauladhar Range was chosen by the British and their comrades as a tourist destination. At that time the General of the British Empire used to be Lord Napier, who also proposed to open a high altitude hospital on this hill station to treat many serious diseases of the people of Chamba. There are many places in the Dalhousie area that tourists can visit. Tourists like to go to church the most.

Famous tourist place in Dalhousie

Here are the famous places like 'St. Andrew', 'St. Patrick', 'St. Francis Church', 'St. John's Church' etc. The Jaandarighat palace here, which was built by the Chamba rulers, its architecture impresses tourists a lot. Many efforts were made by Sardar Ajit Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose for the independence of India at Panchpula and Subhash Baoli of Dalhousie. Tourists can not only enjoy the religious and natural sites here but can also enjoy adventure sports.

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of 2,440 meters in Dalhousie is an outgrowth of the Black Himalayan bears, the muntjac reindeer, and various birds. The hill called the Singing Hill is another popular tourist destination. Here are famous tourist places around Dalhousie-

  1. Panchpula

  2. The tomb of Ajit Singh

  3. Calatop

  4. Bakrota Hills

  5. Bhuri Singh Museum

  6. Subhash Baoli

  7. Gandhi Chowk

  8. Rang Mahal

Dalhousie Weather

Dalhousie has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The temperature here in summer varies between 15.5 to 25.5 degrees Celsius. Tourists can visit this place during the months of March to June. After June, it starts raining here, which lasts till September. The temperature here ranges from 01 to 10 degrees Celsius during the winter season. Most people like to visit Dalhousie in winter. There is severe snowfall during winter.

How to reach Dalhousie

Air: Dalhousie is 563 km from the Indian capital Delhi, 191 km from Amritsar, 56 km from Chamba, and 300 km from Chandigarh. The nearest airport to this place is Pathankot, which is 80 km from Dalhousie. This airport is connected to Delhi airport. Jammu airport is also another option to come here, which is 180 km from the city. This airport is well connected to many cities in the country.

Rail: Travelers coming by train can reach the railway station of Pathankot. From here, trains run to many cities in the country, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, etc.

Road: If tourists want to go to Dalhousie by bus then they will get a bus from cities like Delhi and Chandigarh and it will be cheap and convenient.

Dalhousie is also known for its colonial-era architecture, with many buildings dating back to the British Raj. The town has a pleasant climate throughout the year, with mild summers and chilly winters, making it a popular destination for visitors looking to escape the heat of the plains.




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