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Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek

October and November

₹ 13999 + 5% GST

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

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+ Rs. 2100. Single Accommodation Tent

+ Rs. 3600 Backpack Offloading

+ Rs. 900 Mandatory Insurance

+ 2200 Transportation from Kathgodam

Pindari Glacier is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand for those who like thrilling treks. The height of Pindari Glacier is about 11,000 feet above sea level. This glacier, about five kilometres long, is nestled between the skyscraper peaks of Nanda Devi, Changuch, Panwalidwar and Nandakhat, the second highest peak in India.

This trek of about 60 km starts from a beautiful village named Kharakiya, 50 km from Kapkot in Bageshwar in Uttarakhand. Until some time ago, this track used to start from a place named Song in front of Loharkhet, from where the passengers proceeded via Dhakudi. But due to the coming of the road to Kharkiya, this route has been reduced by about 15 km.

What is so special about Pindari Glacier Trek?


The special thing about this trek is that even those people who do not have any experience of trekking can easily do this journey. Therefore, travellers who are fond of travelling with family can also enjoy trekking of Pindari Glacier. After the disaster of 2013, this route has got a little bad due to landslides but still, it is easy compared to the rest of the trek.

The background of famous author Ruskin Bond's first novel for children 'The Secret Pool' is based on the track of Pindari Glacier. In this book, a child of American origin named Laurie befriends Anil, the child of a local textile merchant, and Kamal, an orphaned child. The three meet in a pond at the foot of the mountains and set out on a journey to the Pindari Glacier. No one has visited Pindari Glacier from his town before, so this journey fills them with adventure.

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Day 1: Loharkhet to Khati via Kharkiya Village (2 hours/ Trek: 4)

You reach the banks of the Pindari River after a beautiful sloping path from a village named Kharkiya. Here you cross the beautiful Pindari river through a bridge. This river, originating from Pindari Glacier, later joins the Alaknanda. From this valley, a shady path leads to the village of Khati. There is a steep climb of about four kilometres to Khati village from here, but the view ahead takes away all your tiredness.

Altitude: 7,355 ft


Day 2: Khati to Dwali  (7-8 hours/Trek: 13 km)


After proceeding from Khati, the second step of the journey is Dwali. The route from here to Dwali is about 13 km. The greenery of oak, deodar and ringal trees captivates you on this path with mild ups and downs. The sunlight filtering through the trees in the middle of the dense forest makes the route more beautiful. Along the way, KMVN has also built teen shelters, where you can sit and relax. The clean water that comes filtered from the middle of the forest tastes so sweet that after drinking it, you start moving forward with double energy. Coming here, you can also see the peak of Nandakhat covered with snow.

Trek: 13 km / 7-8 hrs
Stay: Camp
Altitude: 8,566 ft

Day 3: Dwali to Phurkiya (4-5 hours/Trek: 5 km)


The next day the trek from Dwali to Furkiya starts. There are also minor ups and downs in this route of about six kilometres. You also find three glaciers on the way to Furkiya. Those who see you start to understand that you are moving towards a considerable height. You start to feel the thrill of travel while walking gently over the glacier. In between, small streams are felt to sing in some melody and the sound of birds coming from the nearby forests makes this note sweeter.

Trek: 5 km
Stay: Camp
Altitude: 10,465 ft

Day 4: Phurkiya to Zero Point and back to Phurkiya  (7-8 hours/ 16 km)


To reach Pindari Glacier Zero Point from Furkiya, one has to walk about 8 kilometres on foot. The route is almost flat but the icy winds that blow when the clouds are over make it a bit difficult. Along the way, you walk along the banks of the Pindar River. Hundreds of pink birch trees found only in high places make this path very beautiful.

Trek: 16 km

Stay: Camp
Altitude: 12,300 ft

Day 5: Phurkiya to Khati via Dwali  (7-8 hours/ 250 km)


Finally, your trek to Pindari Glacier come to end, it is time to head back. You will go on the same trail back to Khati via Dwali.

Trek: 18 km

Stay: Camp
Altitude: 7,355 ft


Day 6: Khati to Kharkiya– 4 km (approx), 45 – 60 minutes trek. Jeep drive from Kharkiya to Kathgodam via Bageshwar

Today you will start early in the morning so that you can easily reach Kathgodam by evening. From Kharkiya you will take pre-arranged jeeps to Bageshwar.

Pindari Glacier 5 Nights Package

Cost Per Person

₹ 15499 (2 - 4 Persons) 

₹ 13999 (5+ Persons) 

₹ 12499 (7+ Persons)

  • Rain cover

  • Warm clothes

  • Caps

  • Toilet paper & wipes

  • Backpack (50-60l)

  • Water bottle

  • Fleece jackets and thermals

  • Hiking shoes

  • Led torch (with extra batteries)

  • Mosquito & insect repellent

  • Thermal inners

Included in the package

  • Certified Trek Leaders are provided to you by Walking The Himalayas. 

  • All the trekking essentials like Tents, Sleeping Bags, Gaiters, Crampons, Liners, Cutlery, etc.

  • All the staff members from team Walking The Himalayas are experienced that including Guides, Cooking Staff, Helpers, Porters.

  • We promise our travellers to provide delicious, hygienic & nutritious meals during the trek that includes morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner).

  • Fully equipped medical kit, oxygen and safety equipment.

  • All forest permits and camping charges.

Not included in the package


Transport to and from Loharkhet – Walking The Himalayas will arrange shared taxis for trekkers. These shared taxis will pick you up from Kathgodam/Haridwar Railway Station or Airport. Taxi from Kathgodam to Wan Village costs around Rs. 6000 - 7000 per taxi and Rs. 9000 - 10000 per tempo one way. So if you are in a group of 6 - 10 persons then a taxi/tempo will cost around 1000 per person for one side.  

Food during transit to and from the base camp – Walking the Himalayas doesn't include meals purchased during the journey to Loharkhet and back.

Backpack offloading charges – If you wish to offload your backpack, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 1,500 - 2000. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 - 10 kgs. Walking The Himalayas does not allow Suitcases/Strollers/Duffel bags during the trek, so if you are bringing these then you have to take care on your own. These charges can vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reaching Loharkhet Village (Rs.350 per day inclusive of taxes).

Personal expenses - Your trekking package doesn't include any kind of personal expenses. 



If your trek gets called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rains, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.) we will not refund your money. Instead of money, Walking The Himalayas will issue a trek voucher for the full amount. You can easily redeem that voucher for the same amount for any of the treks available at the same price. 

In case you wish to cancel your trek please email us at

Cancellation charges are based on the total trek fee, irrespective of the amount paid either full or partial.

The cancellation policy of Walking The Himalayas is based on the original booking time and the original start date of the trek.

  • If you cancel a trek before 30 days of trek start date and get a full refund after deduction of 1.99% payment processing fee.

  • If you cancel a trek before 15 days of the trek start date and get a refund after a deduction of 20% of the total trek fee.

  • If you cancel a trek before 10 days of the trek start date and get a refund after a deduction of 40% of the total trek fee.

  • If you cancel a trek before 5 days of the trek start date and get a refund after a deduction of 60% of the total trek fee.

  • The Trek fee is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days before the trek start date.

Trek cancellation due to weather:

  • In case of an incomplete trek due to weather conditions, you can opt for the same trek again throughout your lifetime on all our fixed departures for the same trek.

  • This attempt only covers the trek fee and will not include any rentals or the transportation amount paid earlier.

  • This is non-transferable.

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