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Stunning Crossover Trek

Auden's Col Expedition

May & September

₹ 84499 + 5% GST

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Auden's Col Expedition

₹89499+ 5% GST

Gangotri to Kedarnath

+ ₹ 2000 Dehradun to Gangotri
+ ₹ 7956 Backpack Offloading
+ ₹ 1596 Outdoor Insurance

Difficulty Level - 6

Uttarakhand - 12 Days - 75km

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17 May to 11 June
16 September to 11 Oct

Auden Col Expedition  from Pakistan

The Auden Col Expedition is a remarkable and challenging mountaineering endeavor that takes adventurers through the majestic and treacherous terrain of the Indian Himalayas. Named after the famous British poet W.H. Auden, this expedition attracts seasoned climbers and adventure enthusiasts from around the world seeking the thrill of conquering one of the most awe-inspiring mountain passes.

Situated in the Uttarakhand region of India, Auden Col stands tall at an elevation of approximately 5,490 meters (18,012 feet) above sea level. It serves as a crucial link between the Bhilangna Valley and the Jogin Group of peaks, making it an important route for mountaineers and trekkers. The pass lies in close proximity to the Gangotri Glacier, the source of the holy Ganges River, adding to its significance and allure.

Embarking on the Auden Col Expedition requires careful planning, physical fitness, and mountaineering skills. The journey begins at Gangotri, a small town nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, known for its spiritual significance and stunning natural beauty. From there, the route takes adventurers through remote and rugged landscapes, where they encounter dense forests, icy streams, and towering cliffs.

The expedition typically spans over 15-20 days, encompassing a mix of trekking and technical climbing. As the participants venture deeper into the mountains, they gradually gain altitude and face the challenges posed by high altitude and extreme weather conditions. Acclimatization becomes crucial to ensure the climbers' safety and increase their chances of reaching the summit successfully.

One of the highlights of the Auden Col Expedition is the crossing of the Auden Col pass itself. It demands exceptional mountaineering skills, as climbers navigate their way through steep slopes, narrow ridges, and icy glaciers. The pass is prone to avalanches and requires careful assessment of the snow and ice conditions before proceeding. Safety precautions, such as using ropes and harnesses, are essential during this section of the expedition.

Apart from the physical challenges, the Auden Col Expedition rewards participants with breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks. The panoramic vistas include towering giants like Gangotri I, II, III, Jogin I, II, III, and Rudragaira. The ethereal beauty of the snow-covered mountains, the vast expanse of glaciers, and the pristine wilderness create an indelible impression on the minds of those fortunate enough to experience it.

The expedition also provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Garhwali people, known for their warm hospitality and vibrant traditions, reside in the nearby villages. Interacting with the locals offers a glimpse into their way of life, their customs, and their deep spiritual connection with the mountains.

While the Auden Col Expedition offers an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, it is not without its risks. The unpredictable mountain weather, the rugged terrain, and the remoteness of the region demand respect and caution. Adequate preparation, including physical training, acquiring the necessary equipment, and partnering with experienced guides or mountaineering agencies, is essential for a safe and successful journey.

In conclusion, the Auden Col Expedition presents intrepid adventurers with the opportunity to challenge themselves both physically and mentally amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Indian Himalayas. It is a journey that demands perseverance, skill, and a deep appreciation for nature's grandeur. For those who dare to undertake it, the rewards are immeasurable—a sense of accomplishment, stunning vistas, and memories to last a lifetime.

Itinerary of Auden's Col Expedition

Day 1: Drive from Dehradun to Uttarkashi (1150m) and check in to a hotel or guesthouse. The rest of the day is free to explore the town and acclimatize.

On Day 1 of the Auden Col Expedition, the participants will embark on a drive from Dehradun to Uttarkashi, situated at an altitude of 1150 meters. After a scenic journey through the winding roads of the Garhwal Himalayas, they will arrive at Uttarkashi and check in to a hotel or guesthouse.

Uttarkashi, a quaint town nestled on the banks of the holy Bhagirathi River, serves as the gateway to many Himalayan expeditions. It is renowned for its spiritual significance and is dotted with ancient temples and ashrams. The participants can take this opportunity to explore the town, soak in its serene ambiance, and acclimatize to the higher altitude in preparation for the upcoming trek.

One of the notable attractions in Uttarkashi is the Vishwanath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This revered temple is believed to be more than a thousand years old and holds immense religious importance for the locals. The participants can visit the temple, witness the rituals, and immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere.

Apart from the temple, Uttarkashi offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and the gushing Bhagirathi River. Taking a leisurely stroll along the riverbank or relaxing in the serene surroundings can be a rejuvenating experience. The town also has local markets where participants can explore and shop for trekking essentials or souvenirs.

During their free time, the participants may choose to interact with the locals and learn about the traditional Garhwali culture. The warm and friendly people of Uttarkashi are known for their hospitality, and engaging in conversations with them can provide insights into their way of life and customs.

Acclimatization is a crucial aspect of the Auden Col Expedition. As Uttarkashi lies at a significantly lower altitude than the pass, spending a day here allows the participants' bodies to gradually adjust to the changing altitude, reducing the risk of altitude-related sicknesses.

In the evening, the participants can gather for a briefing session with their guides or trek leaders. They will receive important information about the upcoming trek, safety measures, and the expected challenges they might encounter. This session will ensure that everyone is well-prepared and aware of what lies ahead on their Auden Col Expedition.

After a day of acclimatization, exploration, and preparation, the participants can retire to their accommodation in Uttarkashi, getting a good night's rest before the adventure truly begins on Day 2.

Day 2: Drive from Uttarkashi to Gangotri (3048m) and then to Nala Camp (3250m), the starting point of the trek. Trek for around 4-5 hours to reach the campsite.

On Day 2 of the Auden Col Expedition, the participants will leave Uttarkashi and embark on a drive to Gangotri, situated at an altitude of 3048 meters. Gangotri is a revered pilgrimage site and the starting point of the trek towards Auden Col. The drive from Uttarkashi to Gangotri offers stunning views of the mountainous landscape, with the Bhagirathi River accompanying the journey.

Upon reaching Gangotri, the participants will have an opportunity to visit the famous Gangotri Temple. This temple holds great significance as it is believed to be the source of the holy Ganges River. Surrounded by magnificent snow-capped peaks, the temple provides a serene and spiritual ambiance for the participants to soak in.

After exploring Gangotri, the participants will proceed towards Nala Camp, the starting point of the trek to Auden Col. This campsite is situated at an altitude of 3250 meters and serves as a base for the upcoming days of adventure. The trek from Gangotri to Nala Camp typically takes around 4-5 hours, covering a distance of approximately 9 kilometers.

The initial leg of the trek involves traversing through picturesque forests, with the sound of gushing streams accompanying the participants. As they ascend, the landscape gradually transforms, offering glimpses of towering peaks and glaciers in the distance.

The trail towards Nala Camp is well-defined, although it can be challenging in certain sections due to steep ascents and descents. Participants should maintain a steady pace, allowing their bodies to adjust to the increasing altitude. It is crucial to stay hydrated and take short breaks when needed.

Upon reaching Nala Camp, the participants will be greeted with a picturesque campsite nestled amidst the mountains. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Himalayas, they can unwind, set up their tents, and relax for the evening. The campsite offers breathtaking views, providing a sense of the incredible journey that lies ahead.

At Nala Camp, the participants will have an opportunity to bond with fellow trekkers and interact with the support staff, including guides and porters. A warm and hearty meal will be served, fueling the adventurers for the challenges that await them in the coming days.

As the sun sets and paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, the participants can reflect on the day's accomplishments and prepare mentally for the next phase of the Auden Col Expedition. With the serenity of the mountains enveloping them, they will rest and rejuvenate, eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead on Day 3.

Day 3: Rest and acclimatization at Gangotri (3,415M)

On Day 3 of the Auden Col Expedition, the participants will spend the day at Gangotri for rest and acclimatization. Gangotri is located at an altitude of 3415 meters and serves as an important acclimatization point before proceeding further into the high-altitude regions.

Acclimatization is a crucial aspect of any high-altitude trek, as it allows the body to adapt to the lower oxygen levels and reduces the risk of altitude-related illnesses. This rest day at Gangotri will provide the participants with an opportunity to acclimatize and prepare their bodies for the upcoming challenges.

During this rest day, participants can take it easy and engage in activities that promote acclimatization. It is essential to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Resting and avoiding strenuous physical activity will also help the body adjust to the altitude.

Gangotri offers a serene and spiritual environment, surrounded by majestic peaks and the holy Ganges River. Participants can explore the area around Gangotri, visiting nearby temples or taking a peaceful walk along the banks of the river. This can be a meditative and calming experience, connecting with the natural beauty and spiritual essence of the region.

The participants can also use this day to further interact with their fellow trekkers, sharing experiences and building camaraderie. Engaging in conversations, exchanging stories, and learning from each other's experiences can create a sense of community and support throughout the expedition.

In addition, the participants can attend a briefing session conducted by the trek leaders or guides. This session may include important information about the next phase of the trek, the route conditions, safety precautions, and any specific challenges to be expected. Being well-informed and prepared is essential for a successful and safe expedition.

Acclimatization days also provide an opportunity for personal reflection and mental preparation. The participants can take this time to assess their physical and mental state, set goals, and mentally prepare themselves for the challenging days ahead. Building mental resilience and a positive mindset can greatly contribute to the overall experience and success of the Auden Col Expedition.

As the day comes to an end, participants will return to their accommodations in Gangotri. It is advisable to get a good night's sleep and rest well, ensuring they are physically and mentally refreshed for the next phase of the trek.

Day 3 at Gangotri serves as a vital rest and acclimatization period, enabling the participants to adjust to the high-altitude environment and increase their chances of a safe and successful expedition. With bodies rejuvenated and minds focused, they will eagerly await the next day's adventure, ready to take on the challenges of the Auden Col Expedition.

Day 4: Trek from Nala Camp to Rudragaira Base Camp (3800m) through the Rudragaira Valley. The trek takes around 6-7 hours, and you'll get to see beautiful views of the Gangotri Range.

On Day 4 of your trek, you will be making your way from Nala Camp to Rudragaira Base Camp, located at an elevation of 3800 meters. The trek will take approximately 6-7 hours to complete, and you'll be passing through the picturesque Rudragaira Valley.

As you trek through the valley, you can look forward to enjoying breathtaking views of the Gangotri Range. The towering peaks and snow-capped mountains will create a stunning backdrop for your journey. Make sure to take some breaks along the way to soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings and capture memorable photographs.

Keep in mind that trekking conditions and timings may vary depending on weather and trail conditions. It's always important to stay hydrated, wear appropriate trekking gear, and follow the guidance of your trek leader or guide. Enjoy the scenic vistas and the sense of adventure as you make your way to Rudragaira Base Camp.

Day 5: Rest day at Rudragaira Base Camp for acclimatization and preparation for the next day's climb.

On Day 5 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will have a well-deserved rest day at Rudragaira Base Camp. This rest day is crucial for acclimatization, allowing your body to adjust to the high altitude and prepare for the challenging climb ahead.

During the rest day, take the opportunity to relax and recharge. Make sure to hydrate well and consume nutritious meals to maintain your energy levels. It's also a good time to review your gear, double-check equipment, and make any necessary preparations for the next day's climb.

Use this day to explore the surroundings of the base camp, interact with fellow trekkers, and soak in the awe-inspiring mountain scenery. Take advantage of the extra time to acclimatize properly, as it will enhance your chances of a successful and safe ascent.

Remember to listen to your body and pay attention to any signs of altitude sickness. If you experience any symptoms such as headaches, nausea, or dizziness, it's important to inform your trek leader or guide immediately.

Rest well, acclimatize effectively, and get ready for the thrilling adventure that awaits you as you continue your Auden Col Expedition.

Day 6: Trek from Rudragaira Base Camp to Gangotri III Base Camp (4450m) through the Gangotri Glacier. The trek takes around 5-6 hours, and you'll get to see stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

On Day 6 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will embark on a trek from Rudragaira Base Camp to Gangotri III Base Camp, situated at an altitude of 4450 meters. The trek will take approximately 5-6 hours as you make your way through the awe-inspiring Gangotri Glacier.

As you trek through the glacier, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. The pristine beauty of the snow-covered mountains and the vast expanse of ice will create a surreal and awe-inspiring atmosphere. Keep your camera ready to capture the stunning landscapes and unique geological formations along the way.

While the trek may be physically demanding, the reward of witnessing the majestic scenery and experiencing the adventure of crossing the glacier is truly worth it. Take regular breaks to catch your breath, stay hydrated, and enjoy the surroundings.

It's important to follow the guidance of your trek leader or guide and adhere to safety protocols during the glacier crossing. The terrain may be uneven, and there might be crevasses and other hazards to be mindful of. Trust in the expertise of your team and proceed with caution.

As you arrive at Gangotri III Base Camp, take the time to appreciate your accomplishment and relish the remarkable views around you. Rest, replenish your energy, and prepare for the next phase of your Auden Col Expedition.

Day 7: Trek from Gangotri III Base Camp to Auden's Col Base Camp (5000m) through the moraine and scree slopes. The trek takes around 4-5 hours, and you'll need to be careful with your footing due to loose rocks.

On Day 7 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will trek from Gangotri III Base Camp to Auden's Col Base Camp, situated at an elevation of 5000 meters. This segment of the trek involves traversing through moraine and scree slopes, and it is important to exercise caution due to loose rocks.

The trek will take approximately 4-5 hours to complete. The terrain will be challenging, with uneven surfaces and loose rocks. It is essential to watch your footing and take careful steps to ensure your safety. Make use of trekking poles for added stability and maintain a steady pace.

As you make your way through the moraine and scree slopes, be prepared for a physically demanding ascent. Take short breaks as needed to catch your breath and hydrate. The panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and the vastness of the landscape will serve as a rewarding backdrop throughout your trek.

Your trek leader or guide will provide instructions and guidance on the best routes to navigate the terrain. Follow their advice and stay close to your team members to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

Upon reaching Auden's Col Base Camp, take the time to rest and recover. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings and appreciate the rugged beauty of the high-altitude environment. Use this opportunity to prepare mentally and physically for the challenging crossing of Auden's Col, which lies ahead in the coming days.

Remember to pack and carry all necessary equipment, including warm clothing, food, and water, to sustain yourself during the trek. Stay alert, be mindful of your surroundings, and enjoy the adventure that lies ahead on your Auden Col Expedition.

Day 8: Cross Auden's Col (5242m) and descend to Khatling Glacier Camp 1 (4780m). The trek takes around 9-10 hours and is the most challenging day of the expedition.

On Day 8 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will face the most challenging and exhilarating day of the trek. Your objective for the day is to cross Auden's Col, which stands at an elevation of 5242 meters, and then descend to Khatling Glacier Camp 1, situated at approximately 4780 meters.

The trek is anticipated to take around 9-10 hours to complete. Crossing Auden's Col involves a combination of technical skills, physical endurance, and mental fortitude. It is crucial to follow the guidance of your experienced trek leader or guide and exercise caution throughout the journey.

The ascent to Auden's Col will require careful navigation through steep slopes, snowfields, and possibly some crevasses. Rope techniques, crampons, and other necessary equipment may be employed to ensure safety during the ascent. Pay close attention to your guide's instructions and make use of proper mountaineering techniques.

Once you reach the summit of Auden's Col, you will be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks and glaciers. Take a moment to appreciate the accomplishment and soak in the awe-inspiring scenery.

The descent from Auden's Col to Khatling Glacier Camp 1 will also present its own set of challenges. The terrain may include moraines, snowfields, and rocky sections. It is important to maintain concentration and steady footing while navigating the steep slopes.

Throughout this demanding day, stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and fuel yourself with nutritious snacks and meals. The support and encouragement of your fellow trekkers and the expertise of your team will be invaluable during this strenuous phase of the expedition.

Upon reaching Khatling Glacier Camp 1, take the time to rest, recover, and relish the achievement of crossing Auden's Col. Reflect on the incredible landscapes you have witnessed and prepare for the days ahead as you continue your memorable Auden Col Expedition.

Day 9: Trek from Khatling Glacier Camp 1 to Chowki (3226m) through the Khatling Glacier. The trek takes around 7-8 hours, and you'll get to see the beautiful Bhilangana Valley.

On Day 9 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will trek from Khatling Glacier Camp 1 to Chowki, situated at an altitude of 3226 meters. This scenic trek will take you through the stunning Khatling Glacier and provide you with breathtaking views of the Bhilangana Valley.

The trek is expected to last approximately 7-8 hours. As you navigate the Khatling Glacier, be prepared to encounter diverse terrain, including icy surfaces and uneven ground. Ensure that you have appropriate trekking gear, including sturdy footwear with good traction and trekking poles for stability.

Throughout the trek, take breaks to rest, hydrate, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring surroundings. The Bhilangana Valley, characterized by its lush greenery and picturesque streams, offers a refreshing contrast to the glacial landscape.

Keep a lookout for the mesmerizing views of the Bhilangana Valley as you make your way towards Chowki. The valley's natural beauty will leave you captivated, providing an opportunity to connect with the serene environment.

As you reach Chowki, take time to appreciate the accomplishment of the day's trek and find respite in the tranquil atmosphere. This is a chance to rejuvenate, refuel, and prepare for the upcoming stages of your Auden Col Expedition.

Follow the guidance of your trek leader or guide, as they possess valuable knowledge about the route and any potential challenges. Maintaining good communication with your team members and adhering to safety protocols will ensure a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience.

Embrace the adventure, savor the beauty of the Bhilangana Valley, and forge ahead with excitement as you continue your remarkable Auden Col Expedition.

Day 10: Rest Day 

On Day 10 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will have a well-deserved rest day. This day is essential for rest and recovery, allowing your body to recuperate and recharge for the remaining journey.

Use this day to relax and take care of yourself. Catch up on sleep, engage in gentle stretching or yoga to ease any muscle soreness, and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Take the opportunity to connect with fellow trekkers, share stories and experiences, and foster a sense of camaraderie within the group.

It's important to replenish your energy with nutritious meals and stay hydrated throughout the day. Take this time to assess your gear and ensure everything is in order for the upcoming days of the expedition.

You may choose to explore the area around Chowki, taking short walks to nearby viewpoints or engaging in leisurely activities. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and relish in the sense of accomplishment from the journey so far.

While it's tempting to push forward without rest, allowing your body to recover and adjust to the altitude is crucial for a successful and enjoyable expedition. Adequate rest will enhance your physical and mental preparedness for the challenges ahead.

Remember to respect the environment and adhere to any guidelines or regulations set by the local authorities or your trekking team. Leave no trace behind and ensure the area remains pristine for future trekkers.

Take advantage of this rest day to recharge and prepare yourself for the next phase of the Auden Col Expedition. Enjoy the tranquility and the company of your fellow trekkers, knowing that you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

Day 11: Trek from Chowki to the village of Sangam Chatti (2200m). The trek takes around 5-6 hours and marks the end of the expedition.

On Day 11 of the Auden Col Expedition, you will embark on the final leg of your journey. You will trek from Chowki to the village of Sangam Chatti, located at an elevation of 2200 meters. This trek is expected to take approximately 5-6 hours to complete and signifies the end of the expedition.

As you make your way from Chowki to Sangam Chatti, you will gradually descend from higher altitudes to lower elevations. The trail will lead you through scenic landscapes, including forests, meadows, and possibly some small villages along the way.

Take this opportunity to reflect on the incredible adventure you've had throughout the Auden Col Expedition. Cherish the memories of the stunning mountain vistas, challenging treks, and the camaraderie built with your fellow trekkers.

Throughout the trek, maintain a steady pace and enjoy the changing scenery around you. The descent allows you to appreciate the gradual transition from the rugged high-altitude environment to the more serene and lush valleys.

Upon reaching the village of Sangam Chatti, take a moment to celebrate your achievement. This marks the completion of the Auden Col Expedition and a significant milestone in your trekking journey. You may choose to interact with the locals, immerse yourself in the village culture, or simply relax and relish the sense of accomplishment.

Make sure to express gratitude to your trekking team and guide for their support throughout the expedition. They have been instrumental in ensuring your safety and making the journey a memorable one.

As you bid farewell to the beautiful mountains and valleys, carry the memories and experiences with you. The Auden Col Expedition has tested your physical and mental limits, allowing you to explore remote and breathtaking landscapes.

Congratulations on completing the Auden Col Expedition, and may this adventure inspire you for future endeavors in the world of trekking and exploration.

Day 12: Drive from Sangam Chatti to Dehradun, where you'll arrive in the late afternoon.

What's Included

  • Meals During the Expedition (Starting lunch on Day 2 till Dinner on Day 13)

  • Hotel Stay in Gangotri, Kedarnath & Gauri Kund on a twin/triple sharing basis

  • Services of an English Speaking Trek Leader certified in AMC (Advance Mountaineering), special rescue course from NIM, Emergency wilderness Responder course
    Forest fee, permits & Camping Charges (Upto the amount specified for Indian Nationals)
    4-season camping tent, Thermal rated sleeping bags & mattress

  • Microspikes, Ice Axe, Gaiters, Carabiners, Harness, and Helmet, as required

  • UIAA Safety Equipment like Static Rescue Rope, Harnesses, Carabiners & pulleys with the Leader

  • First Aid Certified Local Trek guide with extensive trek experience of the route, Cook, Helper

  • Services of Porters for carrying common camping equipment like tents (twin sharing basis), sleeping bags & Services of kitchen stuff

  • Exhaustive first aid kit with a portable oxygen cylinder of 5 ltrs capacity

What's Not-Included

  • Forest Charges for carrying still/video cameras etc.

  • Meals during hotel stay & any kind of road journey

  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc

  • Travel Insurance, if any

  • Anything which is not mentioned in the Inclusions list

Essentials to carry

Here are some essential items to carry for the Auden's Col Expedition Trek:

  • Trekking boots: Sturdy and comfortable trekking boots with good ankle support and a sturdy sole are a must for this trek.

  • Warm clothing: It is essential to carry warm clothing such as thermal wear, fleece jackets, down jackets, and warm trousers as the temperatures can drop drastically, especially at higher altitudes.

  • Trekking gear: Trekking poles, gaiters, headlamps, sunglasses, and sunhats are also essential.

  • Sleeping bag: A warm sleeping bag that can handle temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius is necessary.

  • Backpack: A sturdy backpack with a capacity of at least 50-60 liters to carry your gear and personal items.

  • Water bottles and hydration system: It is essential to stay hydrated during the trek, so carry a water bottle or a hydration system with you.

  • First aid kit: A basic first aid kit with medicines for altitude sickness, pain relief, and common injuries should be carried.

  • Sunscreen and lip balm: The sun's UV rays can be very strong at high altitudes, so carrying sunscreen and lip balm with high SPF is essential.

  • Camera: A good camera to capture the stunning scenery and memories of the trek.

  • Personal items: Carry personal items such as toiletries, towels, and wet wipes. Also, carry a few energy bars, nuts, and chocolates for instant energy during the trek.

Non-skid, deep-treaded, high-ankle trekking shoes Qty -1
Pair of light weight Slipper/Sandals Qty -1


How long is Auden's Col Trek?

The Auden's Col Trek is a challenging high-altitude trek in the Indian Himalayas. It is approximately 35-40 kilometers long, and typically takes around 8-10 days to complete. The actual duration of the trek can vary depending on the trekking company or organizer, the route taken, the weather conditions, and the fitness level of the trekkers. The trek involves crossing Auden's Col, which is a high mountain pass located at an altitude of 5,142 meters (16,870 feet) above sea level, and trekking through challenging terrains such as glaciers, moraines, scree slopes, and rocky terrain. The trek is considered suitable only for experienced trekkers with good physical fitness and high-altitude trekking experience.

What is the cost of Auden's Col trek?


The cost of the Auden's Col Trek can vary depending on various factors such as the duration of the trek, the inclusions and exclusions of the trek package, the trekking company or organizer, and the season in which the trek is undertaken. Generally,  the cost of the Auden's Col Trek starts from around INR 84999 per person for a basic 8-10 day trek package, which includes accommodation in tents, meals, trekking permits, and guide and porter services. The cost can increase depending on the type of accommodation chosen (such as guesthouses or hotels), the mode of transport to the starting point, and additional services such as transportation to and from the trekking point, camping equipment, and trekking gear rentals. It is advisable to compare different trekking companies and packages before booking to get the best value for money.

How high is Auden's Col Trek in feet?

Auden's Col Trek is a high-altitude trek located in the Indian Himalayas, and it involves crossing a high mountain pass called Auden's Col. The altitude of Auden's Col is approximately 5,142 meters (16,870 feet) above sea level. The trekking trail leading to Auden's Col involves crossing several other high-altitude mountain passes, such as the Khatling Glacier and the Patangini Dhar. The trek reaches a maximum altitude of around 5,500 meters (18,000 feet), and the entire trekking trail covers a distance of approximately 35-40 kilometers (22-25 miles). Trekking at such high altitudes requires good physical fitness and acclimatization, and it is important to follow all safety guidelines and precautions while undertaking this trek.

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