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Best Winter Treks in India

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

It's not surprising that India has a lot for trekkers and adventure lovers whether it's summer or winter. Trekking is a bit difficult in the winter season and the trekkers face a variety of challenges. The magnificent Himalayan mountain and valley of two beautiful states of the country i.e Uttarakhand and Himachal are very famous among adventurers when it comes to winter trekking.

If you are searching for the best winter treks in India then your search is over here. I'm going to tell you some of the best and famous places for trekking in the winter season in India, but here too trekking is done keeping in mind the weather. It is not that you can easily trek over the hills of the Himalayas during the winter season. During the winter trekking, there are many crystal clear rivers, saugan trees, and beautiful waterfalls, and small villages in between. During this time of the season, all the treks are covered with ice sheets.

Let us know which places you can enjoy trekking during the winter season.

Top 10 Winter Treks in India

1. Tungnath and Chandrashila Trek

When it comes to trekking in Uttarakhand, no one can miss Tungnath and Deoria Tal Trek. Situated at an altitude of 3680 M, Tungnath is the highest Shiva temple in the world located in Uttarakhand. Tungnath is located on Chandranath Parvat and it is also one of the highest temples of Panch Kedar.​ With its high altitude and alpine meadows, it is also one of the easiest treks to do. It is located at a distance of 3 KMs from Chopta market (Starting point of the trek).

Tungnath - Image by Thakur Aniket

2. Prashar Lake Trek

Everywhere, we find our heaven somewhere or some other thing. Whether it is your favorite place or any favorite food. Every good thing that touches your mind is heaven for you. Similarly, there will be someplace of your choice in the four directions of India, which is no less than a paradise for you, and the thing about Kashmir is that it is famous because it is the paradise of India.

Let's take you on a walk of one such paradise, which is the biggest mystery and wonder in the lakes. We are talking about Prashar Lake, located near Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. People do not know much about Prashar Lake, so this place is quiet and far away from the crowd of people. Prashar Lake is situated at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level. The astonishing beauty and peace of the place enhance this place as a small paradise.

3. Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal is no less than a precious treasure in the Himalayan hills. Brahmatal is very popular among trekkers worldwide. This trek also has a lot of unexplored places to explore, which will make your journey memorable.

Located in the Himalayan hills of Uttarakhand, Brahmatal is covered with ice sheets and trekking is considered quite difficult here.

4. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most loved treks for winter and the best place for trekking in Uttarakhand. If you want to experience snow and want to experience the beauty of the mighty Himalayas, then this trek is for you only. The region gives trekkers a special opportunity to encounter the most remote existence of the towns in the deep winter!

Kedarkantha - Image by Ankit Bawa

Feel the blessings of Lord Shiva at the height of 3800M. Kedarkantha is in the Sankri Region of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. This region comes under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, and if you are lucky then you may get a chance to encounter the flora and fauna of the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha Trek is a joy for mountain lovers who need to investigate every bit of the landscape.

5. Roopkund Trek

The Mystical Lake "Roopkund Lake" of Uttarakhand is quite different from other trekking destinations. This trek gives a different experience. If you like to face difficulties then this track is for you. This lake is situated in the lap of the snow-clad Mount Trishul mountain. This mountain is 16,499 feet high.

There are human skeletons lying in the middle of the Roopkund Lake, which can be seen clearly when the ice melts. This special thing about this lake attracts tourists towards it. Many oak and rhododendron trees are found along this trek. The path of this trek will pass through mountains, mounds, and dense forests and plains.

6. Kuari Pass

Located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, the Kuari Pass is a beautiful and magnificent place. If you are a beginner then Kuari Pass is the right place for you. The trek encompasses many beautiful forests, with oak and rhododendron trees abounding.

Kuari Pass - Image by Sumat

Local people come to feed their animals in this area. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Himalayan hills. The peak of Kuari gives the most beautiful view of the region.

7. Hampta Pass

Located in Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass is a dream for every trekker and adventure lover. On this trek, there are green valleys of Kullu which are covered with snow. Looking down from here, there is a spectacular view. The beautiful view of the valley from Hampta Pass will mesmerize you.

Hampta Pass - Image by Tushar Singh Rawat

After trekking in the Hampta Pass, you can also roam the beautiful plains of Manali. This experience will be memorable for you.

8. Goechala Trek

Goechala is a place rich in flora and wildlife, Goechala of Sikkim is also known as the Gateway to Kanchenjunga National Park. By coming to this place, you will get to know the real meaning of natural beauty.

Goechala - govaayu

This track is not just limited to Kanchenjunga but in this, you will also get a chance to see many more mountain peaks. Many varieties of flowers and attractive grounds will also be seen in this place.

9. Har ki Dun

Har Ki Doon is located in Uttarkashi district and is one of the best trekking in Uttarakhand state, is called the land of God. It is situated in the lap of mountains along the rivers Rupin and Supin, tributaries of Yamuna river. It is a very inaccessible region located between the upper Himalayas.

When it comes to trekking, Uttarakhand is the best place for trekking in India. Tourists visiting here can admire the natural beauty here. Har Ki Doon is one such amazing trek that has attracted trekkers across the world for decades.

10. Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba Trek is located near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Situated at an altitude of 3,022 feet above sea level, Nag Tibba of Garhwal Himalaya of Uttarakhand. The trekking starts from Panthivari village of Dehradun which is about 6 hours from Dehradun.

Nag Tibba - Sandeep Kr

The trekking starts from Panthivari village of Dehradun, which is about 6 hours away from Dehradun. During trekking in Nag Dunes, trekkers get closer to nature. After reaching the high peak of Nag Tibba, you can see the Kedarnath peak in the north, the Doon Valley, and the snow-capped mountains.




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