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Image by Dhara Prajapati

Himachal Pradesh

Land of Gods

In a case that you like everything about glaciers, valleys and snow without exception can be motivated by the significance of the word Himachal. The significance of 'snow land', is sufficient to make you think about what's in the lap of the Himalayas here. Himachal Pradesh is situated in the Western Himalayas. Encompassed by superb mountains, some of which still challenge humanity to overcome them, the magnificence of the land is past creative mind.


Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations, which is the state capital.
Himachal Pradesh is a mysterious spot where the sun dwells in paradise. Revamped in 1971 as the eighteenth Indian State, Himachal is located in the north-western district of the Himalayas. Himachal lies in Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Tibetan level in the west and Punjab in the east; The state is distinctive in its absolutely topographic diversity and stunning vintage beauty. It is said that there is such an attraction in the land that it pulls in India as well as nature lovers and visitors around the globe.

Beas Kund.png

3 Days

Hampta Pass (1).png
Difficulty (3)_edited.jpg
Cost (1)_edited.jpg

5 Days

Buran Ghati.png
Difficulty (3)_edited.jpg
Cost (2)_edited.jpg

8 Days

Animal Pass.png
Difficulty (3)_edited.jpg
Cost (3)_edited.jpg

6 Days

Bara Bhangal.png
Difficulty (5).png
Cost (4)_edited.jpg

11 Days

Bashleo Pass Trek.png
Difficulty (6).png
Cost (5)_edited.jpg

5 Days

Chandrakhani Pass Trek.png
Cost (6)_edited.jpg

5 Days

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