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Kotkhai - A beautiful small town in Himachal Pradesh

Kotkhai is a small town located in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. This is a very beautiful and hilly place full of natural beauty. Apple is cultivated on a large scale in Kotkhai. The 'Kotkhai Palace' is the main attraction here. There are also many ancient temples here.

Description: 'Kotkhai' is a very beautiful and natural beauty-filled hill station located in Himachal Pradesh.
District: Shimla
Geographical Location: Located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.
Temperature: In summer- 15 to 28 ° C; In winter - 04 to 15 degrees Celsius
When to visit Kotkhai: April to June, November to February
Airport: Shimla
Railway Station: Shimla
What to see in Kotkhai: Palace, Mahamai Temple, Apple orchards
Special: Kotkhai is known for apple orchards. Travellers can visit these gardens by obtaining prior permission from the owners.
Other Information: Tourists can also visit places like Nera Valley, Kiala Forest and Dhillon Talab apart from temples here.

Location and Name

The spectacular location of Himachal Pradesh is situated at an altitude of 1800 meters. The name Kotkhai of this place is derived from the king's palace situated on a moat. 'Kot' literally means 'palace' and 'khai' means 'ditch'. The peaceful environment and natural beauty of this place attract tourists from far-flung areas.

Apple Orchards

Kotkhai is known for its apple orchards spread over an area of ​​23,000 hectares. Travellers can visit these gardens by obtaining prior permission from the owners. Horticulture activities are prominent in the area of ​​Kotkhai. The Giri River flows near the city, which is the reason for the fertility of the soil.

Places to visit in Kotkhai

The 'Kotkhai Palace' built by Raja Rana Sahib is a major tourist attraction here. The palace is a fine example of Tibetan architecture with a pagoda style roof. There are also many temples in the Kotkhai area, of which the 'Mahamai Temple' and the 'Veer Mandir of Lanka' are prominent. Apart from the temples, travelers can also visit other places like Nera Valley, Kiala Forest and Dhillon Talab.

Best time to visit Kotkhai

The climate of Kotkhai remains pleasant throughout the year. The month of April marks the beginning of the summer season in this region, which lasts till the month of June. The minimum and maximum temperature recorded in the region during summer is 15 °C and 28 °C respectively. The winter season lasts between the months of November and February. The temperature of this place during this time ranges between 15 °C and 4 °C.

How to reach Kotkhai?

Airport - 'Shimla Airport' is near Kotkhai, which is well connected to major cities like Kullu and New Delhi. From 'New Delhi Airport', international travellers can avail of direct connecting flights to Shimla.

Railway Station - Shimla railway station is the nearest railway station to Kotkhai, which is connected to Kalka railway station.

Buses and taxis etc. - Travelers can easily avail taxis and cars from outside the railway station to Kotkhai. Travellers interested in travelling by road can avail of buses, taxis and cabs from nearby cities.

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