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Spiti Valley Road Trip – A Perfect Trip on Budget

Updated: May 29, 2022

Every traveller's bucket list includes a trip to Spiti Valley. Its desert mountains, snow-covered valleys, and lush green meadows make it one of the most gorgeous destinations our country has to offer.

Spiti, which lies halfway between India and Tibet, literally means "middle land." You can see everything in this quarter as you traverse the routes, from vestiges of the rich Buddhist culture to a multitude of vantage spots.

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

In recent years, the valley has attracted a large number of travellers looking for both peace and adventure in the Spiti mountains.

Team Walking The Himalayas make sure that you get the most out of this Spiti Valley Road Trip by ensuring that you get to see the stunning Spiti Valley in all of its grandeur and enjoy the thrill that the impassable roads of Spiti have to offer.

The people of Spiti follow a modest lifestyle. They didn't have power until around five or six years ago, and life may be difficult in the chilly desert of Spiti because water is scarce. However, the courage with which individuals go about their daily lives is not only admirable but also inspiring. Spending simply a few days engaging with the people and seeing Spiti through their eyes is enough to make you fall in love with the country of the Lamas.

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

This road journey to Spiti Valley allows you to marvel at the wonders of nature and the blended landscapes of green meadows, tall mountains, and barren roads ideal for off-roading, all of which exist in one spot.

What is the best time for the Spiti Valley Road Trip?

Shimla to Spiti valley Route

The months of April to September are ideal for a Spiti Valley road trip because there is a risk of snowfall and black ice during the winter months. There is a risk of landslides during the monsoon season, which runs from July to August, thus it is not a safe time to travel!


Manali to Spiti Valley Route

The months of June through October are ideal for a Spiti Valley road trip because you will not find snowfall and roads are generally clear. On the paths, you can enjoy both the rustic beauty and the lovely climate. Monsoons in August are not ideal because there is a risk of landslides, making bike journeys problematic.

Itinerary of a road trip to Spiti valley

Day -1: Delhi-Shimla-Narkanda (404 km)

  • Drive nonstop to Shimla's valleys

  • Lunch and sightseeing at Shimla

  • Tasty dinner at Shimla with the beautiful view


Day -2: Narkanda – Sangla (Kinnaur Valley) (160 km)

  • Drive across the hills of Narkanda

  • From Narkanda, you will head to Rampur by crossing the Sutlej River

  • After that, reach the Indo-Tibetian Highway to Kinnaur and enter the Baspa Valley

  • Spend the night in Sangla


Day -3: Sangla – Chitkul – Sangla – Kalpa (85 km)

  • From Sangla, travel to Chitkul, a charming Indian village.

  • You can visit the modest Mata Mandir near the camping spots or stop by the banks of the Baspa River.

  • Pictures at suicide point, Roghi

  • Later, see the Karcham Dam before heading to Reckong Peo.

  • Finally, drive to Kalpa, which is nestled in the Kinner Kailash range above Reckong Peo and where you can spend the night


Day-4: Kalpa – Nako - Nako Lake – Giu- Tabo (168 km)

  • You will enter the Spiti Valley today, and from Kapla, you can travel the Indo-Tibet Highway to the Sutlej River's confluence

  • Then you can visit the villages including Chango, Shalkar, Sumdo, and Hurling before arriving in Tabo

  • Later, you can explore the Tabo caves before spending the night at the Tabo monastery


Day-5: Tabo – Dhankar – Dhankar Lake – Pin valley (Mud village) – 85 km

  • On this day, you will go from the Dhankar monastery, which is the capital of Spiti, to Sichling village.

  • You may visit Dhankar Lake, a wonderful area to unwind and gaze at breathtaking views.

  • In the end, you can head to Pin valley and enjoy the views

Dhankar Monastery
Dhankar Monastery

Day-6: Pin Valley – Kaza – Ki – Kibber – Gette- Tashigang – Kaza (90 km)

  • Begin your day with Pin Valley which is a tributary of the Spiti river

  • Visit Ki Monastery & Kibber village

  • Drive to Gette & Tashigang villages

  • Later, continue on to Kaza, where you will spend the night


Day-7: Kaza – Langza – Komik – Hikkim – Kaza (45 km)

  • On this day, you will travel to Langza Chau Chau Kang Nelda & Maitrey Statue

  • After this you will reach Komic village, which is Spiti's highest altitude village

  • Later, you can travel to Hikkim, which is home to the world's highest post office.

  • After that, you can travel to Langza, where you can spend the night


Day-8: Kaza – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal (96 km)

  • Beautiful drive from Kaza to Kunzum pass

  • Walkthrough around the Chandratal Lake

  • You can remain at the ChandraTaal campgrounds after travelling the entire Chandra Peak


Day-9: Chandratal – Manali (130 km)

  • Take a sunrise tour of Chandratal Lake in the early morning hours

  • Cross Batal over the Gramphu road on your way to Manali

  • Make a pit stop in Manali.


Day-10: Manali – Delhi (570 km)

  • Local Sightseeing in Manali

  • Start your drive back to the Delhi

India Gate Delhi
India Gate Delhi

What are the road conditions from Shimla to Spiti Valley Route?

The overall trip from Shimla to Kaza is roughly 420 kilometres, which will take you through Shimla's spectacular scenery. From there, you'll go through Kinnaur's lush green paths, which hug the banks of the Sutlej River.

Are you wondering if Spiti valley is dangerous? Then no it is not. The roads are in good condition and open all year, but minor bottlenecks may occur during the winter months. Despite the short distance, due to the steep and winding roads, it will take you about two days to accomplish.

How many days is enough for the Spiti valley road trip?

You should plan on spending at least 8 days in the Spiti Valley to sample almost all of the region's attractions. It takes 5 days to go from Manali to Spiti through Kinnaur. Having three extra days will allow you to tour the villages of Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Ki, and Kibber in the Kaza area. You can extend your stay based on your preferences

Additional Information about Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is recognised for its picturesque and secluded valleys, snow-capped mountains, challenging hiking trails, charming settlements, and Buddhist monasteries.

From May to November, the Spiti Valley is well connected by road to neighbouring towns and states but is blocked the rest of the year due to harsh weather conditions. Kullu Airport in Bhuntar is the closest airport to Spiti Valley. Every traveller's bucket list includes Spiti Valley, and there are numerous reasons for this. Even though the beauty of Spiti valley can be found across the valley, there are a few sites in the valley that you must visit since they express the actual spirit of Spiti.

Here are some of the musts visit places in Spiti Valley:

  • Kaza

  • Nako

  • Tabo

  • Dhankar

  • Pin-Valley

  • Mudh Village

  • Hikkim

  • Langza

  • Kibber

  • Chandratal Lake

  • Chitkul

  • Kalpa

All these places are included in our Itinerary. So, if you planning a trip to this Himalayan desert mountain valley then book your Spiti Valley Tour with Walking The Himalayas today and make your dream destination memorable.

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