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Kamrunag Lake - Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Himachal Pradesh which is also known as Devbhumi i.e. the land of the gods has a lot of mystery hidden within. From the mystery of the first human being born on the earth to the flood, many interesting and mysterious things related to Kaurava and Pandavas can be seen here. There is a lake in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh where you can see shining coins of silver and gold from above.

There is a belief about this lake that Bhima constructed this lake which is connected to the Patal. Near this lake is the temple of Baba Kamrunag, which is considered the god of rain. This lake is also known as Kamrunag in the name of Baba.

Every year on 14th and 15th June, devotees receive the darshan of baba Kamarunag. To see him, people come from a place called Rohanda by completing 8 kilometers of dense forest and difficult climbing of mountains. Rohanda is about 60 kilometers from a place called Mandi in Himachal Pradesh.

There is a belief about the lake of Kamarunag that by offering gold, silver jewel, and money in it, the desire is fulfilled. Hence, people can be seen here giving jewelry and money. It is said that this offering of people reaches the deities directly.

Due to the wealth and jewels offered by people over the years, it is believed that there is a treasure of billions in this lake. But no one can steal it because it is a treasure of the gods, which the snake gods themselves protect.

Located in the Karsog Valley, 51 km from Mandi Nagar in Himachal Pradesh, 'Kamrunag Lake' is situated at an altitude of about nine thousand feet above sea level.

Surrounded by dense pine forests, this lake overwhelms nature lovers. The way to reach the lake is also very picturesque and the tourist forgets all his fatigue after seeing the breathtaking scenery here.

There is also an ancient temple of Kamrunag Devta, built in a hill style on the banks of Kamarunag Lake, where the stone statue is installed. Every year in June, a huge fair is organized here.

On the way from Karsog towards Shimla, there is a beautiful place called 'Tattapani'. This place is famous for sulfur hot water glasses. On one hand, if the cold water of Satluj makes the body numb, then the hot water coming out of this river is no less than a wonder for tourists.

Located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, this lake is estimated to have a treasure of billions. No one has hidden this treasure, but people have faithfully handed over jewelry, etc. to the lake here.

Kamrunag Lake
Image by Abhinandan Patiyal

Kamrunag lake is said to be of the Mahabharata period. People come here for their wishes and put ornaments and rupees etc. in the lake. People here believe that it is difficult to estimate how much treasure is hidden inside the lake. The tradition of offering gold and silver in the lake has been going on for centuries. The mysterious Kamarunag lake is in the limelight due to the treasure.



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