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Kinnaur Kailash | Second Largest and holiest Kailash after Mansarovar

Kinnar Kailash or Kinnaur Kailash is considered to be the second-largest Kailash mountain after Mansarovar Kailash in Tibet. The Kinnar Kailash Yatra, which is said to be the toughest in Himachal Pradesh, starts as soon as the month of Sawan begins.⁣

It is said about this journey that a common man has the courage to do this journey only once in his lifetime. This place is considered the winter migration place of Lord Shiva.⁣


Kinnar Kailash is the center of faith for followers of Hindu and Buddhism for centuries. Millions of devotees from across the country come to visit Kinnar Kailash for this journey. Thousands of plants of naturally grown Brahmakamal can be seen on the way to Kinnar Kailash.⁣

Kinner Kailash, the center of faith of Buddhist people and Hindu devotees of Kinnaur, the holy place of Lord Shiva, is situated at an altitude of 24 thousand feet above sea level. The Shivling at Kinnar Kailash is 40 feet high and 16 feet wide. ⁣

Every year hundreds of Shiva devotees reach Kinnar Kailash through the jungle and dangerous inaccessible routes in July and August.

To begin the journey to Kinnar Kailash, the devotees have to cross the Sutlej river from Powari on National Highway-5, about seven kilometers from the district headquarters, and go through Tangling village. ⁣

Parvati Kund

Parvati Kund is about five hundred meters from Ganesh Park. There is a belief about this pool that if the coin is put in reverence, then the wish is fulfilled. Devotees, after taking a holy bath in this Kund, cross the difficult path of 24 hours and reach Kinnar at Kinnara Kailash. While returning, the devotees bring Brahma lotus and medicinal flowers as offerings.⁣

Parvati Kund | Image by Rahul Koppula

Kinnaur Kailash Trek Itinerary⁣

Day 1:Tangling/Kalpa to Maling Khata (8 km)⁣

Day 2:- Maling Khata to Parvati Kund (5 km)⁣

Day 3:- Parvati Kund to Kinnar Kailash Shivalinga (1KM) ⁣




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