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Kheerganga Trek - Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Are you planning to visit Himachal in the coming holidays? If you want to get relief from the scorching heat of North India during summers or you are looking to play with snow during winters, then you should plan a trip to Kheerganga located in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Kheerganga Trek is a famous trekking destination of Kasol and it is located 45 km from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. The place is also famous for its snow-capped mountains and rivers.

  • It is said that water coming out here contains medicinal properties. According to Etymology, it is named Kheerganga because of its clear water.

  • The amount of sulfur present in this water flowing from the source of hot water makes the water flowing above the surface white.

  • Two kilometers away from Kheerganga is a temple that is famous for its scenic beauty and attracts many tourists to its beauty.

  • Tourists fond of trekking can visit Pulga from Kheerganga.

Kheerganga - Image by Shukant Sharma

There are many hot water springs in Kheerganga, where you can take a dip, it is said that the water of these pools contains medicinal properties. According to the legend, it is said about Kheerganga that Kheer used to come out here at the grace of Lord Shiva. But when Parashuram Ji saw that people were going mad in the greed to eat this kheer, he cursed that no kheer will come out from here.

However, even today, things like sour cream of milk (sulfur) continue with hot boiling water. So let's know why one should visit Kheerganga.

If you are a trekking lover, then Kheerganga is a must-visit the place. This trek starts from Bersheni to Kasol, which can be finished in just four hours. During this trek, you will be able to admire the natural beauty of this place by going through the high mountains of Kheerganga and passing through dense forests.

Image by Packers Haven-By Bunny

Just think about refreshing yourself in the pool of hot water and look at the high mountains covered with snow. The beautiful valleys, velvet grass, and snow-capped mountains will make the holidays even more exciting.

The most important thing is that in Kheerganga you will feel winter even in summer. The average temperature here is around 10 to 20. So you must have understood that it is very important to keep warm clothes during the journey here.

How to reach Kheerganga?

You can take a bus from Delhi to reach Manali or Bhuntar. From Bhuntar, you can reach Bershaini or Kasol using a private taxi or state bus. If you want, you can spend the night in Kasol. From Kasol to Kheerganga, you have to trek for about 10 km, after which you will find yourself in the lap of nature.


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