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Prashar Lake Trek - Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Everywhere, we find our heaven somewhere or some other thing. Whether it is your favourite place or any favourite food. Every good thing that touches your mind is heaven for you. Similarly, there will be someplace of your choice in the four directions of India, which is no less than a paradise for you, and the thing about Kashmir is that it is famous because it is the paradise of India.

Today I will take you on a walk of one such paradise, which is the biggest mystery and wonder in the lakes. We are talking about Prashar Lake, located near Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. People do not know much about Prashar Lake, so this place is quiet and far away from the crowd of the people. Prashar Lake is situated at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level. The astonishing beauty and peace of the place enhance this place as a small paradise.

The peculiarity of this lake begins with the landscape here. You will not find a tree around Prashar Lake. Surrounding the lake are lush green meadows and nearby is a wonderful temple of Parashar Rishi built in the 14th century Pagoda style. These lush green grasslands near the lake turn yellow in the month of December. The biggest secret of the lake is 'Tahla' or small island. Yes, it is a small island in the lake, which keeps walking in it all year round.

Prashar Temple

It is said about the temple built near Prashar Lake that Prashar Rishi did penance in this temple. This temple was built by King Bansen of the princely state of Mandi. Interestingly, years ago there used to be a massive tree near this lake. Isn't it wonderful and interesting? Built over 12 years, the grandeur of this three-storey temple is an example in itself.

When there is snow in the winter season, then the view of this lake is so beautiful that you will not be able to remove your eyes from that view. A lake and a temple situated on its banks, away from all the conflicts of the world, it will feel as if you are standing at the door of God himself in a city of dreams. The carving on the outer side and pillars of the Prashar temple is amazing.

The devotees visiting the Prashar temple take away the green grass from the lake there, which is called Barre. They keep it with reverence as a sign of God. These grasses are also given along with the offerings found in the temple. Here some grains of rice are given by the priest in front of the statue. With those donations, devotees fold their hands in front of the statue and pray silently. When the prayer is over, those rice grains are counted by opening their eyes. If those grains are in odd numbers like three-five seven etc., then the wishes of the devotees will be fulfilled.

It is believed that the sacrifice of a goat or a sheep is offered outside the Prashar temple premises when the wish is fulfilled. According to the legends, Parashar used to call Rishi Ganesh Ji if there was no rain in this area. Ganesh Ji is at a place called Bhatwadi which is a few kilometres from here. This Vandana was also done during the time of the king and today it is happening hundreds of years later. There are also fish in the lake which is an attraction in itself.


There are also fish in the lake, which attracts little tourists. Every year near Prashar Lake, there are fairs held on the Panchami of Ashadha Sankranti and Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada every year. The fair in Bhadrapada is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Prashar Rishi.

How to reach Prashar Lake?

The natural beauty of the lake is still intact. You can start your trek to Prashar Lake from Bagi Village. To reach Bagi you need to go via a Kataula from the Mandi. You need to note one thing that there is another village named Baggi in Himachal Pradesh so don't get confused. From here, Prashar Lake can be reached by trekking only 8 kilometres. There is also a road route from Bagi to here which is 18 kilometres. You will get the bus facility on this road which will take you about 1 kilometre before this lake. You can walk comfortably to the lake next to it. Bus facility is available from Delhi to Mandi.



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