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Har Ki Dun Winter Trek

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Are you ready for the best Winter Trek of 2021-2022?

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state full of flora and fauna. Uttarakhand is blessed with a number of Bugyals (Alpine Meadows in the Himalayas), holy rivers, beautiful waterfalls and snow-clad mountains and this is why Uttarakhand captivate everyone's mind.

Har Ki Dun
Har Ki Dun during winters

In this post, we are going to talk about one such beautiful valley that's located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and is known as Har Ki Doon Valley / Har Ki Dun Valley. Whether it's summer or winter, Har Ki Dun attracts tourists every year, the reason for this is the lush green meadows and mesmerizing views with clean blue sky, the cool breeze blowing softly and the river swaying like a snake in the blue. Whoever comes here, stays here.

Not only summer, since a couple of years, this place is becoming favourite destinations of travellers in winters also. During winters this place remains completely covered by snow.

Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Doon is located in Uttarkashi district and is one of the best trekking in Uttarakhand state, is called the land of God. It is situated in the lap of mountains along the rivers Rupin and Supin, tributaries of the Yamuna river. It is a very inaccessible region located between the upper Himalayas. ​

Har Ki Dun Winter Trek
Har Ki Dun Winter Trek

When it comes to trekking, Uttarakhand is the best place for trekking in India. Tourists visiting here can admire the natural beauty here. Har Ki Doon is one such amazing trek that has attracted trekkers across the world for decades. ​ The trek is located at an altitude of 3556 meters above sea level and is surrounded by cedar forest. The Himalayas Har-ki-Doon, also known as the Valley of the Gods, is a beautiful place to see in the modern era. Tourists visiting here will get a lot of peace as well as feel the beauty of nature. Moving towards Har-Ki-Doon, you will know many such areas of Garhwal, which are very beautiful, while trekking in Uttarakhand, you can feel nature and see some of the most beautiful places in your life. It is an 8-day long trek, starting from Dehradun and returning to Dehradun, during trekking, trekkers can see five beautiful places in Garhwal including Sankri, Taluka, Osla, Harkidoon and Jaundhar Glacier.

Har Ki Dun / Har Ki Doon trekking during winters...

Har Ki Doon trek located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand is considered to be the best place for trekking in winters. Yes, you heard that right, even more, beautiful than Kedarkantha Trek.

Har Ki Dun is known as the Valley of the Gods, a beautiful place to visit in the modern era. Moving towards Har Ki Doon, you will come across many such areas of Garhwal which are very beautiful. While trekking here, you can feel the beauty of nature and see some of the most beautiful places of your life.

While trekking in Har Ki Dun, trekkers can see five beautiful places of Garhwal which include Sankari, Taluka, Osla, Harki Doon and Jaundhar. The beauty of this valley is uncanny, the entire walking route has adequate accommodation for tourists at reasonable prices by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. It is a mythological belief that Yudhishthira went to heaven only through the Swargarohini mountain.

There is also an unknown and beautiful lake known as Morinda lake that is located within the Har ki doon valley. If you want to visit Morinda or Marinda Tal then you can start your trek from Taluka village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. While trekking to Morinda Tal, you will pass through terraced lands, lush green dense forests of Deodar and pine, remote villages of Garhwal, waterfalls, sprawling meadows and picturesque views of Garhwal Himalayas ranges.

While on your trek to Morinda Tal/Marinda Tal or Maninda Ta, you will pass through rocky terrain and sometimes and dusting winters you will pass by glaciers. Forests here in Har ki Dun valley is rich in flora and fauna which is what nature lovers and wildlife photographers want. Har ki Dun Valley comes under Govind wildlife Sanctuary. Trek to Morinda tal starts from Har Ki Dun. With an altitude of 3700 meters, Morinda tal also leads a way to experience the Barasu pass. This lake is a 3 km uphill hike from Har Ki Dun valley.

​ Govind National Park​

Govind National Park is located in Uttarkashi district, it was established in 1980. This national park is spread over an area of ​​472 sq km. In Govind National Park, animals such as bears, snow leopard, black bear, monal are found.

How to reach Sankri / Taluka? ​

Sankri is the starting point of the trek, so to reach Har ki Dun first you need to reach Sankri.

Airport- The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport. The distance of Sankri from Jolly Grant Airport is 223 kilometres. You can easily go by taxi from there. ​ Railway Station - Nearest railway station is the Dehradun railway station. The distance from Dehradun railway station to Sankri is 198 kilometres. From there you can easily go by taxi or car.

Itinerary of Har Ki Dun Trek

Day 1 - Dehradun to Sankri/Taluka

Altitude - 1950 m Distance - 200 km drive Time - 7 Hours

This day, you will drive from Dehradun pickup point to Sankri/Taluka, a village in Uttarkashi District. The total distance from Dehradun to Sankri is around 200 km and it takes roughly 8 hr to reach the destination from the starting point.

​ The last ATM is at Purola so please keep the case money as required. ​ Stay in Lodge or Homestay.

Day 2 - Sankri/Taluka to Seema/Osla

Altitude - 2600 m Time - 6-7 Hours

Distance - 10 km

After having morning breakfast, you will start your trek from Sankri /Taluka to Seema. You will cover 14 Kms and it will take you around 6-7 hrs. Spend the night in the tents provided.

Taluka Village
Taluka Village

Either you will take a taxi to drive from Sankri to Taluka which takes around an hour. Or you will start trekking towards Osla, which is located at an altitude of around 2500 m.

You will pass through the Siyan Gad after crossing a bridge and then you will find two routes, one leads to Dhatmir village and the other to Osla. After crossing a bridge of the Supin river you will encounter wild orchids. Barking deers are also found in this region but for that, you need to be lucky. During winters, you can also encounter snow leopards here.

Tonight you will be spending your night in comfortable camps underneath the sky, you will be provided with a bonfire where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or you can warm yourself.

Stay in tents.

Day 3 - Seema/Osla to Har ki Dun

Altitude - 2950 m Distance - 8 km Time - 6-7 Hours

After having morning breakfast, you will start your trek towards Har ki Dun. You will cover 12 Kms and it will take you around 6-7 hrs. ​

During the trek, you can explore the unknown side of this hidden valley in the Gharwal Himalayas and you will be mesmerized by the pleasant views of valleys and snow-capped mountains.


After walking for a couple of hours you can settle down for lunch and take some rest. The progressive ascent of Har Ki Doon Trek is embellished with flora and fauna. This beautiful valley offers eye-cathing views of Swaragarohini Peak and Jaundhar glacier.

Stay in tents.

Day 4 - Har ki Dun to Jaundhar Glacier/Maninda Taal ( If weather is fine and the route is open )

Altitude - 3400 m or 3950 m Time - 8-9 Hours

Distance - 15 km

Wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise from Swargarohini Peak. Here you can either visit Jaundhar Glacier or Maninda Taal.

Jaundhar Glacier
Jaundhar Glacier

Marinda Tal or Morinda Tal is one of the unknown places located in the majestic valley of the Himalayas in Uttarkashi District. Marinda Tal which is also known as Maninda Tal or Morinda Tal is a beautiful high altitude lake on the way towards Har Ki Doon Trek. Marinda Tal / Maninda Tal is located in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and is 3 km ahead of Har-ki-Dun Valley and at a distance of 31 km trek from Taluka village.

Maninda Tal
Maninda Tal

Indulge your eyes with a panoramic view of the vast white snow and enchanting meadows around 55 KM

Since you are on a winter trek you can play with snow here. ​ Stay in tents.

Day 5 - Har ki Dun to Seema/Osla