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Auli - Uttarakhand

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Do you know that the world's highest artificial lake is located in Uttarakhand?

Auli Lake
Auli Lake

What if I say that Asia's second-largest Ropeway is in Uttarakhand?

Auli Ropeway
Auli Ropeway

And what if I say that India's only Skiing destination certified by the International Federation of Skiing is in Uttarakhand?

I know most of you now have a guess of the place I'm talking about and if not then let's discuss this interesting place in Uttarakhand.

Auli - Uttarakhand | Mini Switzerland of India

w Auli is famous for its verdant coniferous forests and oak edged slopes. According to the beliefs, Guru Adi Shankaracharya visited this holy place. While walking on the dew slopes covered with Alpine Meadows in the summers and snow blanket in the winters, tourists can see amazing views of Nanda Devi and the Kamet mountain range.

Mountain ranges covered with white snow cover all around. Trolleys pass continuously on the ropeway. An artificial lake was built in a small plain covered with snow between the mountains. Tourists roaming around the lake. Local and foreign ski lovers enjoying skiing and tourists filled with wonder and adventure see this beautiful sight. After hearing all this, pictures of Switzerland must be emerging in your mind, but this is our own Switzerland.

Auli Ski Resort
Auli Ski Resort

If you are a fan of snow, then come to Auli from December to March and keep in mind that before reaching Auli, keep warm clothes and wear waterproof trekking shoes. At high altitudes, the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause damage when they fall directly into the eyes, so do not forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen lotion along. A camera is needed to capture the beautiful scenes but doesn't get too lost in the photo shooting that you forget to enjoy the destination.


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