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Stories you don't know about Almora...

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

It was considered a sin to travel by sea for a long time in India, one of the reasons was the worship of the sea as a deity in Hinduism and even the imagination of crossing the deity was beyond the reach of Indians. In the city of Almora in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, even after 1900, a person travelling by sea was shown the way out of the caste.


An incident in this regard is also related to the life of Bhola Dutt Pandey, brother of the poet Gauri Dutt Pandey. When Bhola Dutt Pandey travelled to Japan for education, he was excommunicated from the caste. Bhola Dutt Pandey, who came back, bathed with cow dung, cow urine and Gangajal, but he was not taken as a caste.

An incident related to the fear of sea voyage is also related to the life of Pandit Nain Singh Rawat. In fact, when Nain Singh Rawat was on his early exploration journey, survey or scientists were very impressed by his work and quick learning talent. Nain Singh Rawat was accompanied by his brother Mani Singh Rawat on his first exploration trip along with the Slagentwaite brothers. After the visit, the Slagntwaite brothers proposed to Nain Singh Rawat to come to London.

In their proposal, the Slagntwait brothers said that they would be given Rs 100 a month in London, along with the first Rs 1000 would be given separately for the maintenance of the house, but Nain Singh Rawat's mind was rife with the social fear of travelling by sea, so at first. He refused the Slagntwaite brothers to go to London but the British did not agree.


In this regard, when he asked his brother Mani Singh Rawat, he angrily replied that if you go to England, then you have already died for us, you also leave buttermilk for you. When Mani Singh Rawat came to know from Nain Singh Rawat that the British sahib was not listening to him, he was asked to run away from there. Nain Singh left a long letter to the Slagntwait brothers and left overnight.

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