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Rajouri - Enchanting greenery and purity

Rajouri is a major city in northwestern Jammu and Kashmir state, northern India. It is mentioned in Kalhana's 'Rajatarangini' (12th century) as 'Rajpuri'. During the Pashtun invasion of 1947, almost all the people of this city were put to death. 'Tattapani' with hot water springs known for its medicinal properties and 'Shahdara Sharif', a Muslim pilgrimage center are located near the town. Rajouri is situated on the road connecting Jammu to Poonch.

History of Rajouri

This city is also very important from a historical point of view. This city was earlier known as Rajpuri i.e. 'Land of Kings'. There are a large number of temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and lakes here. Apart from this, 'Dehra Ki Gali', 'Law Baoli' and 'Nandan Sir', etc. are among the major tourist destinations here. In 1967, Rajouri was a part of the Poonch district. But on January 1, 1968, Rajouri was declared a district. This district is surrounded by Poonch, Udhampur, and Jammu districts.

Puranic Mention

The history of Rajouri is considered very important since ancient times. This place is mentioned in the Mahabharata as a kingdom, which was also known as Panchal Desh. The king of this kingdom, who was the Panchala king, married his daughter Draupadi with the Pandavas.

Economy of Rajouri

The region around Rajouri is mainly dominated by the northwest-southeast sloping Pir Panjal mountain ranges (with an average elevation of 2,745 m in the central Himalayas). Chenab river is the main river here. The slopes of the mountain are covered with pine, spruce, and deodar forests. Agriculture, mining, and forest produce form the basis of the economy of the region. Rice, maize, ragi, jowar, and barley are grown in the terraced hill slopes and river valleys.

Places to visti near Rajouri

There are other sites to visit where tourists can go and enjoy themselves with the whole family. To reach Rajouri, tourists will have to change many vehicles but this experience will be special and fun. Rajouri is not a very expensive city. The Panj Pir and Lal Bauli are the main centers of attraction here.

Panj Peer is a Shrine, about which five saints and their sisters are said to have stayed here. There is also an army area at this place where soldiers are always stationed for the security of the country. Lal Bauli is a waterfall located in the Rajouri district. Many types of beautiful fish live in this waterfall. The district is home to beautiful waterfalls where one can enjoy beautiful views of Kothari Sar, Chamar Sar, Diya Sar, Samot Sar, Gum Saar, Bhag Sar, and Akl Darshani.

Thannamandi Sarai, Mangaladevi Fort, Muradpur Sarai and Masjid, Nadpur Sarai, and Naogji Ziarat are other attractions of Rajouri. The Usman Memorial and Balyan Bhawan are major landmarks in the district, which are built in memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives in the war of Pakistan and were martyred for the country.

How to reach Rajouri

Tourists can reach Rajouri by air, rail, and road.

Best time to visit Rajouri

The best season to visit here is during the summer from April to June. It is quite cold here in winter but tourists can come to Rajouri with full preparation.



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