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Mana Pass - Uttarakhand (Highest vehicle-accessible pass)

Do you know that Mana Pass Road is the only highest motorable road in the world, built from top to bottom?

Mana Pass
Mana Pass

Usually, the road is built from the bottom to the top in the mountains. This work was extremely rare but was completed by the Border Road Organization (BRO).

The first helicopter transported heavy rock cutting machines and other resources into the pass. After this a road was build and taken down to Mana village, 50 km away.

Mana Pass

Situated at an elevation of about 5545 meters (18192 ft) above sea level in the Great Himalayas, this pass connects Uttarakhand with Tibet.

It is also considered to be the world's highest transportable road. In winter, it remains covered with snow for about 6 months.

Mana Pass comes within the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.


History of Mana Pass

It is a place with a very beautiful and serene environment for tourists.

The Katyuri dynasty established their dominion around the 9th century. This dynasty continued to rule till 1050. This region came under the authority of the lunar dynasty around 1400.

Ratanchand, Kiratichand, Manikchand, Rudrachand ruled here and were followed by Banja Bahadurchandra in 1638-78 in the 17th century. He invaded Tibet and made it his kingdom. The situation of the lunar dynasty was so fragile in the 18th century that the Gorkha kings of Nepal took possession of this area.

In 1815, the British snatched it from the Gorkhas and made it a part of India.

How to reach Mana Pass?

To reach Mana Pass you need inner line permit from SDM office Joshimath.

NH-58 comes straight to Mana Pass from Joshimath via Badrinath.


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