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Gangabal Lake - J&K

Gangabal Lake is located at the foot of Harmukh mountain in Ganderbal district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This pilgrimage lake of Hindus is also called 'Harmukh Ganga'.

Gangabal Lake
Gangabal Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

This lake is about two and a half km long and one km wide. The natural beauty of Gangabal Lake is amazing in itself. Beyond this lake is the Gadsar Lake, which is covered with snow. All these lakes are a part of famous "Kashmir Great Lakes Trek".

Name:- Gangabal Lake

Country:- India

State:- Jammu and Kashmir

City/District:- Ganderbal

Coordinates:- North - 34°25′50″ ; East - 74°55′30″

Max Length:- 2.5 Km (Approx)

Max Width:- 1 km (approx)



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