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Dal Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

Dal Lake is a lake spread over an area of ​​17 km, located in the city of Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Surrounded by hills on three sides, Dal Lake is the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir. Five miles long and two and a half miles wide, Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes not only in Srinagar but in the whole of India. Fishing is mainly done in this lake.

Dal Lake
Dal Lake - Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir

Water comes from sources in Dal Lake, as well as many lakes of Kashmir Valley come and join it. The four reservoirs of the lake are Gagribal, Lokut Dal, Bod Dal and Nagin. Apart from this, Roop Lank Island is situated in the middle of Lokut Dal and Sona Lank is situated in the middle of Bod Dal stream, which further enhance the beauty of this lake.

The vegetation adds to the beauty of Dal Lake. Lotus flowers, water lilies flowing in the water add to the beauty of the lake.

Main attraction of dal lake

The main attraction of Dal Lake is the floating gardens. The culture and history of this place can be seen in the legendary Mughal forts. The shape of Dal Lake emerges from the beautiful and famous flower garden of Mughals near Dal Lake. The famous University of Kashmir is situated on the banks of the lake. Through Shikara, tourists can see Nehru Park, Kanuttur Khana, Charchinari, some of the islands that are located here. For the devotees, their journey remains incomplete without visiting the Hazratbal shrine.

House Boat at Dal Lake
House Boat at Dal Lake

Devotees can visit this pilgrimage through Shikara. This lake is especially known for Shikars or houseboats all over the world. The natural beauty around Dal Lake attracts a large number of people.

Things to do at Dal Lake

It cannot happen that tourists come to Jammu and Kashmir and do not go to see Dal Lake. Various types of entertainment are available here for tourists such as kayaking (a type of boating), canoeing (canoe), water surfing and angling (fishing). Houseboats are the main attraction of Dal Lake. Tourists can enjoy this beautiful lake by staying in these houseboats. Staying in the houseboat, the tourists get enthralled by the beautiful atmosphere of this lake. If tourists want to capture the beauty of this place through the camera, then there are residences in the middle of the greenery, the specialty of which is that their roofs are tilted downwards. Have you ever done shopping from Shikara on the reservoir? You can buy a variety of items while riding a Shikara. And the shops are also set up only on the victims. It is not limited to just shopping, but will also be a thrilling game.

How to visit Dal Lake?

If tourists want to reach Dal Lake, they can reach the airport located in Budgam district at a distance of 25 km from Srinagar district. The nearest rail service is located in Jammu and the National Highway NH1A connects the Kashmir Valley to other parts of the country. It takes ten to twelve hours to travel over these hilly areas. During this journey, tourists can see the famous Jawahar Tunnel & Pir Panjal Tunner here.

Name:- Dal Lake

Country India

State:- Jammu and Kashmir

City/District:- Srinagar

Coordinates North- 34°07′, East- 74°52′

Maximum Length 7.44 km (approx)

Maximum depth 6 meters (approx)

Maximum width 3.5 km (approx)

Surface Elevation 1,583 m (approx.)

Area 18-22 sq km (approx)



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