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Baglamukhi Temple - Himachal Pradesh

Baglamukhi Temple is a famous Shaktipeeth located in Kotla town of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. This temple is the centre of faith of millions of people of the Hindu religion. This temple of Bagulamukhi is believed to be of the Mahabharata period. Mother is present here in the same form as described in the manuscripts.

Baglamukhi Temple
Baglamukhi Temple

They wear yellow coloured clothes, yellow ornaments and garlands of yellow coloured flowers only. A fair is also organized here on 'Baglamukhi Jayanti'. Every year on the occasion of 'Baglamukhi Jayanti', people from different states of the country come and get the blessings of the mother by performing Havan, worship and recitation to relieve of their sufferings.

Description: This 'Baglamukhi Temple' is a famous Shaktipeeth located in Kotla town, Kangra (Himachal Pradesh). This temple is the centre of faith of millions of people of the Hindu religion.

State: Himachal Pradesh

District: Kangra

Who constructed Baglamukhi Temple?: The builder is believed to have established the temple in a single night during the exile by the Pandavas in the Dwapara Yuga.

Geographical location: The temple is located at a place called 'Vankhandi', 22 km from Jwalamukhi.

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Especially, here in the ancient pagoda, a life-size Shivling is established, where people perform abhishek on the Shivling after the darshan of the mother.

Other Information: A fair is also organized here every year on 'Baglamukhi Jayanti', in which people from different states participate.

Location of Baglamukhi Temple

Himachal Pradesh has been the penance place of gods and sages. Situated in Kotla town of Kangra district, there is a Siddha Shaktipeeth of Maa Shri Baglamukhi. Throughout the year, devotees keep coming and going here seeking vows and fulfilling their wishes. The temple of Maa Baglamukhi is situated at a place called 'Vankhandi', 22 km from Jwalamukhi. The name of the temple is 'Shri 1008 Baglamukhi Vankhandi Mandir'. Situated on a hill in Kotla town, 25 km from Kangra airport towards Pathankot on the national highway, this temple is surrounded by dense forest and river. This temple is situated inside the ancient Kotla Fort.

History of Baglamukhi Temple

It is believed that this temple was established by the Pandavas in Dwapar Yuga during their exile in a single night, in which special worship was first performed by Arjuna and Bhima to gain strength in battle and to get the blessings of Mother Baglamukhi. Since time immemorial, this temple has remained the centre of faith and reverence of the people. Throughout the year innumerable devotees, who come to visit Jwalamukhi, Chintapurni, Nagarkot etc., all of them come to this temple to get the blessings of the mother. Apart from this, a life-size Shivling is established in the ancient pagoda along with the temple, where people perform abhishek on the Shivling after having the darshan of the mother.

Mata Baglamukhi is 8th among the ten Mahavidyas and this goddess is especially revered for victory over enemies. According to religious texts, the worship of Mother Baglamukhi was first done by Brahma and Vishnu. After this, Parashuram worshipped Mother Baglamukhi and won the victory by defeating the enemies in many wars.

Baglamukhi Goddess
Baglamukhi Goddess

Importance of Baglamukhi Temple

On Baglamukhi Jayanti, there is a special significance of getting a havan done in the temple, due to which apart from getting rid of suffering, one also gets freedom from the fear of enemies. Many wars were fought by all the great warriors like Dronacharya, Ravana, Meghnad etc. by worshipping Mother Baglamukhi. Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch of Nagarkot also often came to this temple to worship Mother Baglamukhi, with whose blessings he had won many battles. Since then, devotees started coming to this temple continuously to get rid of their sufferings and devotees conduct Havan in the temple to get relief from all the troubles to attain Navagraha Shanti, Riddhi-Siddhi.

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