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Panchachuli Glacier Trek

Located between the eastern Kumaon region and the towering snow-capped Himalayan peaks, Panchchuli Peak is a famous trekking destination in Uttarakhand. Panchachuli Glacier starts from Dharchula and Dugtu and ends at Panchchuli Base Camp. During Panchchuli trekking, you will be able to see the beauty of the snow-capped mountains Himalayas very closely. Along with this, you will also be able to see some tribal villages like Bongling, Sela, Nalinging, Billing and Daktu etc.

Panchachuli Glacier Trek
Panchachuli Glacier Trek

Highlights of Panchachuli Glacier Trek

Region: Dharchula in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

The temperature at Panchachuli Base Camp – During April, the temperature during the day is between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and during the night, it ranges between 1 to 8 degrees celsius. The best time to trek this place will be during April, May, June, and September. The trek is closed in winter.

Nearest Railway Station – The Kathgodam Railway Station.

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport.

Last ATM – Walking The Himalayas advises you to carry enough cash for the trek. You can withdraw cash at Pithoragarh or in Dharchula.

Water Availability – Panchachuli Glacier Trek route has sufficient sources of drinking water.

Network Availability – Most of the trek will come with a lack of mobile connectivity as Indian service providers work inconsistently here. The only network that works in certain zones is Vodafone and BSNL.

Duration: - 8 days

Grade: - Easy to Moderate

Maximum altitude: - 13,975 feet

Approximate Trekking Kilometers: - 10 km

There are many such places of interest in Devbhoomi, which are an important centre of religious tourism along with nature and adventure tourism. One of these is the Panchachuli mountain range located in the Darma Valley of Pithoragarh district, which is a group of five mountain peaks. It is also known as Panchashira in religious texts. Let us also introduce you to the beautiful plains of Panchachuli.

Panchachuli Peak is also described in religious texts.

Local people have been addressing it as Pandav Peak. Local people believe that these are the symbols of Pandavas i.e. Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva. The description of Panchachuli is also found in mythological religious texts. It is believed that in old age, Pandavas had left for heaven through these five peaks.

Panchachuli Peaks
Panchachuli Peaks

Pandavas cooked food here

According to religious beliefs, the Pandavas had prepared their last meal on the Panchachuli mountain. Pandavas had made five stoves on its five peaks, hence this place is known as Panchachuli. It is also visible from the hill stations of Almora, Nainital, Ranikhet and Pithoragarh of Kumaon.

Dugtu Village - The gateway to Panchachuli

The beautiful view of Panchachuli can be seen from Munsiyari. While its grand form is visible from Migration Village Dugtu and Dantu village located in Darma valley of Dharchula tehsil. Dugtu village is also called the Panchachuli entrance gate.

To visit Panchachuli, a journey of 170 km from Naini-Saini airstrip of Pithoragarh district can be taken by the vehicle and reached Dugtu, the migration village of Darma valley. Till four years ago, reaching Panchachuli Glacier was very difficult.

Dugtu Village
Dugtu Village | Dharmedra Thakur

People used to reach Dugtu by walking about 40 km beyond Sobla, which took about two to three days. Four years ago, after the road to the village of Duggu in the Darma Valley, there was an unprecedented increase in the number of tourists. People can now reach Duggu village, the gateway of Panchachuli, in just 6 to 7 hours from the Pithoragarh headquarters. All thanks to Mr Modi Ji and his vision.

For tourists visiting Panchachuli Base Camp and Glacier, can stay in homestays in Dugtu village, which are available for rent. During the summer season, when tourists come in large numbers to visit Panchachuli, then these homestays are packed. Which is also the main source of livelihood of the villagers.

Panchachuli Glacier became the preferred choice of tourists visiting Darma Valley

Panchachuli Glacier, situated in the lap of Darma Valley near the borders of China and Nepal and this is an area full of ​​amazing natural beauty. Nature has lavished its treasure here fiercely. Every year thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come here to capture the beauty of Panchachuli Glacier in the camera. Panchachuli Glacier Trek has become most popular in the last decade. After road connectivity to Darma Valley, there was an unexpected increase in the number of tourists and trekkers, but due to the Corona epidemic, the movement of tourists here has decreased for the last two years.

The trek from Panchachuli Base Camp to Glacier is very thrilling. In this trekking route, the astonishing view of Panchachuli attracts people. At the same time, there are memorable sightings of Bhoj Patra, coniferous trees, alpine meadows and icebergs. The view of the Nyoli River emanating from the Panchachuli Glacier is can be seen here. Local shepherds are also seen in this region with grazing sheep and goats in this trekking route. These shepherds spend their days living in caves and tents in the foothills of Panchachuli for months.

Itinerary for Panchachuli Glacier Trek

Day 1: Kathgodam – Dharchula (271 km / 8-9 hours)

Altitude - 950 m

Distance - 271 km drive

Time - 8-9 Hours

Today after your arrival at Kathgodam in the morning you will board your taxi and get ready for a long drive to Dharchula.

Dharchula is around 300 km from Kathgoam and it takes the whole day to reach the Dharchula. During the scenic drive to Dharchula from Kathgodam, you will not get bored since the route is overflowed with scenic views.

Dharchula | Kamlesh Dhami

On the way to Dharchula, you will cross famous hill stations and places like Almora, Jageshwar, Ashkot and Pithoragarh.

Dharchula is a town in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand that is located between India and Nepal and bordered by the Kali River amidst the snow-capped peaks.

Dharchula served as an ancient trading route between India and Nepal and India and Tibet.

Stay: Homestay in Dharchula village.

Day 2 : Dharchula to Dugtu (55 km / 6-7 Hours)

Altitude - 1982 m

Distance - 55 km drive

Time - 5-6 Hours

After having your early morning breakfast, you will board your Taxi and drive to Dugtu village via Tawaghat. Twaghat is around 17 km from Dharchula where you bifurcate from the newly constructed road Kailash Mansarovar Road by Border Road Organisations under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi.

The above video is made by Mayank

Tawaghat to Dugtu distance is around 38 km and this is the most treacherous stretch. On the way, you will find 8 to 10 water-crossings. It takes around four hours to reach Dugtu Village from Tawaghat.

Dugtu Village is the last human habitation on the way to Panchachuli Base camp in the Darma valley. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Panchachuli peaks. After reaching the outskirts of Dugtu Village you will find yourself in a huge meadow. From there, the Panchachuli glacier can be easily seen with the backdrop of the Panchachuli peaks.

Stay: Homestay in Dugtu Village.

Dugtu Village
Dugtu Village | Akshay Srivastava

Day 3 : Dugtu to Panchachuli glacier

Altitude - 4260 m

Distance - 5 km trek

Time - 5-6 Hours

During this trekking, you will reach the Panchchuli base by crossing Bugyal and the river. After reaching Panchchuli base, trekkers can come here to rest by camping. From base camp, you will start your trek towards Sipu Lake (3990 mt). This trek is around 09 km. Visit the hidden lake in the mountains. Back in the evening time.

After having your early morning breakfast in Gutu Village you will start your trek to the Base camp that goes through a narrow trail. During this trek, you will pass through the vast expanse of the Dantu Bugyals.

The sprawling Bugyal and birch and conifer forests create a picturesque ambience throughout the route.

Enjoy the aroma of wildflowers and catch a glimpse of wild strawberries on the way to a narrow trail, which has a steep climb and descends till Panchachuli Base Camp.

Panchachuli Glacier
Panchachuli Glacier | Ravi Patiyal

Stay: In Camps

Day 4 : Panchachuli Glacier to Dugtu

Altitude - 1982 m

Distance - 5 km trek

Time - 5-6 Hours

After having your early morning breakfast you will start the trek from Panchachuli Glacier to Dugtu which is about 5 km.

Stay: After reaching Dugtu you will stay in Homestays.