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Nanga Parvat

Nanga Parvat - Gilgit Baltistan - Jammu and Kashmir (Currently occupied by Pakistan)

Nanga Parvat is also know as the killer mountain of the world because many people who climbed it never returned.

Another name for Nanga Parbat is Diyamir. Nanga Parbat is one of the highest mountains (8,126 m) in the world, located in the Western Himalayas. The sharp southern wall of this mountain rises to a height of about 4,600 meters from the lower expanse and its northern part goes down about 7,000 meters and meets the Indus River.

The First Climb:- In 1895, the British mountain climber Albert F Mammarry attempted to climb the glacier and the snow covered mountain, but he died in this expedition. At least 30 other climbers (most under German leadership) were killed on Nanga Parbat due to inclement weather and frequent avalanches. First Successful Climb In 1953, Mountaineer Hermann Buhl of Australia achieved success by reaching the summit.

The mountain's name is derived from the Sanskrit word Nanga Parbat. Diyamir is the local name of this peak which means 'king of the mountains'.



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