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Nanda Devi Peak

Starting from today, stories and facts on Mountain and Rivers of India. Today I will be taking about a divine and highest mountain peak in Uttarakhand "Nanda Devi Peak".

In 1936, for the first time, the British and American climbers touched the Nanda Devi peak, and you might be surprised to know that many are still missing. While four mountaineers have been resuscitated. The height of Nanda Devi peak is 7434 meters. Even though this peak comes at 23rd place in the world, very few people have got success in reaching this peak. It is said that there are quite steep mountains on the route to reach this peak. Due to lack of oxygen, it is very difficult to move forward in climbing. The first climb:- Noyl Adel and Will Tilmen were the first climbers to reach the summit, while the first mountaineer from Poland in 1939 on the Nanda Devi East was a success. The second campaign on Nanda Devi took place in 1964. In this expedition, the Indian team led by Indian climber N Kumar hoisted the tricolor at the peak.

The first Indian climb:- In 1976, climbers involved in a joint expedition between India and Japan got the chance to conquer both the summits of Nanda Devi. The Indian Army's campaign in 1980 was unsuccessful. This peak was won by three women Chandraprabha Aitwal, Rekha Sharma and Harshwanti Bisht for the first time in 1981. Two years ago, a team of mountaineers set out for the Nanda East peak went missing. The eight-member team could not be ascertained.

Two years ago in 2017, a seven-member team of the army set out for the mountaineering expedition to conquer the Nanda East peak. All members of this team went missing during the campaign. Even after searching for several days, no clue of this team could be found. Similarly, in 2007, a team of army climbers went missing to conquer the peak of Panchachuli. No climber has been successful so far in conquering the five peaks of Panchachuli considered extremely difficult. Stay in touch for interesting stories like this. Follow me @mrhimalayas . 📍 NANDA DEVI - UK 🇮🇳


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