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Joshimath or Jyotirmath

Jyotirmath or Joshimath is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is an ancient pilgrimage site 19 miles (about 30.4 km) before Badrinath, where Shankaracharya's temple is situated. It is considered to be the place of Jyotirlinga.

  • Joshimath was the capital of the Katyuri kings of Garhwal in the medieval period.

  • Here in the town, a very ancient temple of Vasudev, whose idol is graceful and beautiful.

  • Another temple is Lord Narasimha. The idol is small in size but is considered miraculous.

  • Near the temple is the cave of Shankaracharya's abode and the 'Keemu' tree where, according to legend, Shankaracharya sat and composed the great scriptures.

  • Historically, Jyotirmath has been a center of Vedic education and knowledge for centuries, which Adi Shankaracharya established in the 8th century.

  • After the name of the monks who took initiation under Jyotirmath, the adjective 'Giri', 'Parvat', and 'Sagar' sect is applied, due to which they are considered as monks of that sect.

  • The Mahavakya of this Math is 'Ayamatma Brahma'.

  • The Atharvaveda is kept under the Math.

  • The first abbot of Jyotirmath was Acharya Totak.

Joshimath has many popular tourist places where tourists can take a leisurely walk. One of these is the Kalpavriksha, which is believed to be the oldest tree in the country. According to the local people, Adi Guru Shankaracharya did severe penance under this tree which is around 1200 years old. The circumference of the Kalpavriksha is 21.5 meters.

Narasingh Temple, a popular temple in Joshimath, is dedicated to the Hindu god Narasingh. It is believed that this temple used to be the house of Saint Badri Nath. The famous idol of Lord Narasingh installed in this temple is shrinking day by day. According to beliefs, one day this idol will be completely destroyed and on that day the road leading to Badrinath will be closed due to a massive landslide.

About 24 km from Joshimath. Nanda Devi National Park and Valley of Flowers National Park is situated at a distance of 10 km which is a famous tourist destination. This park has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1988.

How to reach

Tourists can easily reach Joshimath by air, rail, and road. The nearest airport to Joshimath is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun and the nearest railhead is Rishikesh Railway Station.

Best time to visit Joshimath

The Joshimath region receives heavy snowfall during winters and torrential rains during monsoons. Tourists who are interested in visiting Joshimath are advised to visit during summer as the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.


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