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Vishwanath Temple - Uttarkashi

Do you know that Uttarkashi was called the city of Vishwanath in ancient times?

Later it came to be called Uttarkashi.

The ancient Vishwanath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 💭 The term 'Badahat' is used for Uttarkashi in Kedarkhand and Puranas. 💭 In Kedarkhand, there is mention of Vishwanath temple in Badahat. 💭 In the Puranas, it is also called 'Saumya Kashi'. According to mythology, King Bhagiratha did penance in Uttarkashi itself and pleased with his austerity, Brahma ji gave him a boon that Lord Shiva would take on the Ganges coming on earth. From then on, this city started to be called the city of Vishwanath and later it came to be called Uttarkashi. The temple is located at a distance of 300 meters from the bus stand of Uttarkashi. It is said that this temple was founded by Parashurama and Maharani Kanti got the temple repaired in 1857 AD. Maharani Kanti was the wife of Sudarshan Shah. A Shivalinga is installed in this temple.


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