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Roopkund Lake - Solo Trekking

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

If you want to enjoy solo trekking and adventure, then Roopkund of Uttarakhand is the best place.

Young people travel around the world for trekking and adventures between the far-flung plains and mountains. Roopkund Lake Trek in Uttarakhand can be on top of your list.

Let's know why Roopkund is the best Solo Trek in Uttarakhand.

Roopkund Lake Trek

Roopkund Trek is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. There are dense forests all over the mountains. It is said that this place is quite mysterious. However, the valleys of mountains all around make this place even more spectacular.

Roopkund Lake is situated near the foot of Trishul and Nandaghunti, two peaks of the Himalayas. Trekking enthusiasts are often seen at this place. There are also some temples and a small lake here, which add to the beauty of this place. Apart from this, the music of the waterfalls on the deep slopes around attracts travellers even more.

Roopkund is also known as Skeleton Lake.

Do you know that Roopkund is also called Skeleton Lake? There is a saying behind this that in 1942 more than five hundred skeletons were found here. Since then this lake is also known as Skeleton Lake. Experts say that when these skeletons were examined, it was found that they belonged to people between the 12th and 15th centuries. The Roopkund lake freezes completely in winter.

The mythological belief of Roopkund Lake

Nanda Devi Raj jat yatra ​​is organized every 12th year from Nauti village in Chamoli district. According to the legend related to this journey, when the unique beauty Himalaya (Himwant) daughter Goddess Nanda (Parvati) was going to Kailash with Shiva weeping and struggling, she felt thirsty at one place on the way. Seeing Nanda's dry lips, Shiva looked around, but there was no water anywhere. So, he struck his trident on the ground, causing a fountain of water to burst there. While Nanda was quenching her thirst, she saw a reflection of a beautiful woman in the water, one with Shiva.

Seeing Nanda shocked, Shiva understood the duality of his inner being and said, this is your form. Since then this pool is called Roopkund, Shiva Ardhanarishwar and the mountains here are called Trishul and Nandaghunghati. Whereas, the water stream originating from here was named Mandakini.

How to reach Roopkund Lake?

To reach Roopkund, you need to first go to Haridwar/ Kathgodam. Here, I'm going to tell you Haridwar - Wan route. After Haridwar take the Rishikesh - Srinagar road (NH-58). From Srinagar you need to go till Rudraprayag from there you go straight on NH58 towards Karnprayag and then take Gwaldam Road to Tharali. After this Dewal and then Wan.

You can stay in Wan one night before start trekking towards Roopkund.

Know the complete Roopkund Trek Itinerary.

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