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Om Parvat -Adi Kailash Yatra (by road)

Updated: May 23, 2022

Adi Kailash Dham: A sacred mountain in India having the same status as Kailash Mansarovar, where its secrets will surprise you.

According to Hindu religious beliefs and mythology, Lord Shiva resides on the Kailash Mansarovar Parvat in the higher Himalayas. But Mount Om Parvat in Uttarakhand has a special place in the mythologies of the Himalayas. It is believed that Lord Shiva must have existed at this place too. This mountain is located on the border of India and Tibet, on which every year the shape of Om is formed by snow.

This peak has special religious importance in Buddhism and Jainism apart from Hinduism.

Om Parvat - Image by Jaydev.jpg

History of Adi Kailash

The Himalayas, the crown of India, is a repository of its amazing beauty and mystical creations in the unique masterpiece of nature. The terrestrial greenery spread in all four directions and the chirping springs, chirping birds and the glowing Himalayan ranges is dedicated to the Himalayas, which is the favourite place of Shiva, the resident of Kailash.

History of Om Parvat

Eight mountains on earth are naturally marked with Om, out of which only one has been discovered and we all know that peak as Om Parvat or Mount Om. Snow falls on this mountain in such a way that it takes the shape of Om.

Om Parvat which comes on the way to Adi Kailash is also known as Chota Kailash. Its height is 6,191 m (20,312 ft) above sea level. According to Hindu beliefs, a total of eight places in the Himalayas form the shape of Om, but so far only this place has been discovered. The sound of Om is naturally produced by snow falling on this mountain.

The place is located near the Indo-Tibet border which provides a spectacular view. Travellers coming here can also see the huge peaks of Annapurna ranges from this place. During the Adi Kailash Yatra, travellers can also get a beautiful view of the Kali River, dense forests and Narayan Ashram from this place. The Gauri Kund that falls here also has its own special feature that if one looks at this Kund, that person can see the huge Himalayas in it.

Permit for Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra

China falls right behind the region. A permit is required to visit Adi Kailash. This permit can be obtained from the office of the Judge of Dharchula. To obtain a permit, you have to submit your identity card and a list of your destination to the judge. There are a lot of formalities that have to be completed for the Adi Kailash Yatra, which requires a lot of passport size photographs.

After obtaining the permit, one has to reach Gunji. After this, the onward journey to Jolingkong can be done. Adi Kailash and Parvati Sarovar can be reached by a short trek from Jolingkong. Adi Kailash Yatra site is in the Pithoragarh district of Kumaon, it is near the border of Tibet.

Om Parvat - Image by AAI

If you are a lover of adventure and want to do something stormy, then you must come and enjoy trekking here. Lovers can enjoy trekking in the area, this trekking trek ends at Tawaghat which is the confluence of the Kali and Dhuli rivers. If time permits, travellers coming here must visit Jonglingkong, it is as holy as Mansarovar. From here you can also enjoy the hills of Parvati Muhar, which is very beautiful. It is said that when there is sunshine on this snow, its beauty becomes such that it can fascinate anyone.

Adi Kailash Image by Rung Orophile

How to reach Om Parvat - Adi Kailash?

Taxis will now be able to reach Adi Kailash and Om Parvat, taxis will run on the Garbadhar-Lipulekh route to Gunji and Kuti from Dharchula in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

After the road to China, the border is ready, now taxis will be able to reach Adi Kailas and Om Parvat. The rates of taxis have also been fixed. Only seven passengers can sit in a taxi. Till now there was no system of taxis.

Taxi Fare to Adi Kailash and Om Parvat

The fare from the last Indian village of Kuti on the China border to Dharchula will be Rs 1100 per ride, Gunji fare is nine hundred rupees, Gabryag fare is 800 rupees and Bundi fare will be five hundred rupees per ride. The fare will be revised after the corona period ends and the road is fixed.

Itinerary for Adi Kailash - Om Parvat Road Trip

Day 1: Dharchula – Gunji (3-4 Hrs / 85 km)

You will have your breakfast in the morning and then you will board the Taxi provided. You will leave for Gunji which is about 85 km from Dharchula. It takes around 4 hours to reach Gunji. On the way to Gunji, you will see Mt. Annapurna and other high altitude Himalayan peaks. You will be thrilled with the beauty of nature throughout the travel.

You will arrive at Gunji by noon.

Stay - Overnight stay in Homestay.

Altitude - 3048 m

Day 2: Gunji – Kalapani – Navidhang–Kuti

Today you will start your journey early in the morning towards Kalapani after having breakfast. You can also Kali Mata temple here. Spend some time in Kalapani and leave for Navidhang from where you will get to see Om Parvat.

Here you can do pooja and meditation and after that, you will drive back to Gunji and continue the journey to Kuti.

(Om Parvat Darshan is subjected to Government Permissions)

Stay: Stay in Homestay in Kuti village.

Altitude: 3700 m

Day 3: Kuti – Jollingkong (1 Hrs approx / 35 Kms)

Today, after having your breakfast you can visit some local places like Kunti Parvat or Pandav fort. you can also understand the culture of local people and have a walk around the village.

You will go to Jollingkong in the evening.

Altitude: 4572 m

Day 4: Jollingkong–Kuti 14 KMs / 1 Hrs)

Today you will see the beauty of the sacred Adi Kailash in the early morning. After Adi Kailash darshan you can visit the Parvati temple. Parvati temple is a trek of 2.5 Km from our campsite.

At Parvati Kund, you will the mesmerizing reflecting image of Mt Adi Kailash. You can perform your Puja in Lord Shiva & Parvati Temple.

By the evening you must return back to Kuti.

Stay: Stay in Homestay at Kuti

Altitude: 3700 m

Day 5: Kuti – Dharchula(100 KMs / 3 Hrs)

Today is your last day of Adi Kailash and Om Parvet Yatra. In the morning you will have your breakfast and then the group will leave for Dharchula.

Altitude: 915 m

Adi Kailash - Om Parvat is the centre of spirituality

Adi Kailash is considered to be peaceful and the centre of spirituality. It is a popular pilgrimage for Hindu devotees. Adi Kailash, also known as Chhota Kailash is an alternate of Shri Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet.

Natural beauty is spread all over this area. Once in a lifetime you must come to this holy place and experience peace. At Adi Kailash, you will find it like Kailash Mansarovar, there is a mountain lake in the foothills of Adi Kailash, which is also called Mansarovar. The image of Kailash is formed in this lake. There is a temple of Shiva and Parvati on the banks of the lake. Sadhus and ascetics have been doing this pilgrimage since ancient times. But the general public came to know about it later during Indo - Tibet trade. Earlier, travellers used to travel to Mansarovar.


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